• Miami

    This morning we drove from our motel in Homestead to Miami to take the Big Bus Miami Hop-On Hop-Off Open Top Tour.

    Big bus tour of Miami

    (Photo from the Big Bus website). Our skies definitely were not this pretty.

    IMG 3459

    When we were crossing the bridge the winds were very strong and I, of course, was freezing although I was wearing my winter jacket and the hood.IMG 3463

    My favorite part of the tour was stopping in the Little Havana section of Miami and spending some time walking through the stores.

    Little Havana is the best known Cuban exile neighborhood in the world. It is characterized by its street life, restaurants, music and other cultural activities, small business enterprises, political passion, and great warmth among its residents.

    In 2015, Little Havana was included in the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s annual list of 11 Most Endangered Places. In 2017, the Trust declared it a national treasure.

    IMG 3475

    IMG 3490

    IMG 3486

    IMG 3477

    IMG 3478

  • Biscayne National Park - Our 52nd National Park

    Biscayne National Park is located 20 miles south of Miami.  The park protects the northernmost group of living coral reefs in the United States with its ecosystem.  Its reefs and islands are accessible only by boat. 

    Biscayne National Park consists of four distinct ecosystems: the shoreline mangrove swamp, the shallow waters of Biscayne Bay, the coral limestone keys and the offshore Florida Reef. It is home to one of the largest coral reefs in the world (behind the Great Barrier Reef and the Messamerican Barrier Reef system off of Belize).


    IMG 3378

    The view from the Visitor’s Center

    IMG 3394

    IMG 3392

    A pelican hanging out in the water.

    IMG 3397

    We took a boat tour out to Boco Chito Key, one of the northern most of the Florida Keys. We walked around the key and climbed to top of the Boco Key lighthouse. Boco Chito Key was once one of the most elaborate retreats in the keys, but none of the opulent buildings remain.

    IMG 3408

    View from the top of the lighthouse

    IMG 3412

    IMG 3416IMG 3417

    IMG 3420

    We walked around the perimeter of the island which was almost one mile.

    IMG 3425

    Tom can always find a place to take a short nap.

    IMG 3439

    There are thousands of mangroves along the shoreline in the park.  The roots of the mangroves provide a nursery for larval and juvenile fish, molluscs and crustaceans. The bay waters harbor immature and adult fish, seagrass beds, sponges, soft corals, and manatees.

  • Everglades National Park - Our 51st National Park

    Today we toured our 51st National Park, Everglades National Park.  The park is the largest tropical wilderness in the United States. Everglades is the third-largest national park in the contiguous United States after Death Valley and Yellowstone. In 1976 UNESCO declared the Everglades as a World Heritage Site. The Everglades are a network of wetlands and forests fed by a river flowing 0.25 miles per day out of Lake Okeechobee.

    We started the day with an airboat tour with Safari Everglades Adventure.

    IMG 3381

    IMG 3298

    IMG 3383

    IMG 3360

    IMG 3379

    IMG 3351

  • Whitney Plantation --First trip of the new year!

    We drove from Lake Charles to Whitney Plantation which is located on the River Road along the Mississippi River near Wallace, Louisiana, located in Jean the Baptist Parish.about 45 miles west of New Orleans.  Whitney Plantation Museum is the only museum in Louisiana with an exclusive focus on the lives of enslaved people. Built around 1752 by German immigrants Ambroise Haydel and his wife. The plantation was owned by their descendants until 1867, when it was sold to businessman Bradish Johnson and renamed after one of his daughters, Whitney.    

    The plantation opened to the public in 2014 after New Orleans trial attorney John Cummings spent more than $8 million of his own fortune on this project over a span of 15 years.

    IMG 3251

    The Big House is built facing the Mississippi River with perfectly aligned French doors on the front and back to allowi a cross breeze to flow through the house.

    The bricks for The Big House were made on-site by enslaved workers.  The cypress used in construction was from the cypress swamps that surround the plantation, felled by enslaved workers and milled by hand and then used to frame up the house. The insulation was bousilliage, a mix of mud and Spanish moss that enslaved people would mix together and then put inside the walls so the home would be well-insulated.IMG 3253

    The back of The Big House has cisterns on both sides to collect the rain water.

    IMG 3255

    This sunken olive jar is in the “cool room” where food was stored to keep it from spoiling in the heat.
    IMG 3274

    Enslaved people built their cabins from cypress trees that were harvested on the premises.There were 22 slave cabins, two for the domestics located near the Big House and 20 more in two rows facing each other.  Today there are seven slave dwellings, two are original and the others were moved from a plantation in Terrebonne Parish, about 50 miles south of here.IMG 3275

    Amazingly enough the last tenants who lived in these houses did not move out until 1975.

    IMG 3280

    Sugar Kettles outside the slave quarters

    Between October and December the sugar factory was a 24-hour operation.  Enslaved people worked in shifts around the clock.  At night they worked by candlelight. There were three enslaved sugar makers and a full crew of about 70 who were responsible for cutting, transporting, grinding, boiling and refining sugar cane.

    IMG 3281

    German Coast Uprising

    IMG 3287

    The region was called the German Coast after the German immigrants that arrived  in 1721. The memorial pictured above depicts the heroes of the German Coast Uprising, the largest and most sophisticated slave revolt in United States history.  A tribunal tried and convicted the rebel leaders who were taken back to their owners and killed and  decapitated them in front of all the other enslaved people ., The decapitated head were displayed  on pikes along the River Road.

    Today was a step back into the pages of history to learn some of the very sad history of our nation’s past.

  • We are home! Day 102

    Day number 102 of our summer road trip and we are back home in Lake Charles.

    During our summer adventure we travelled through 17 states - Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana.  America is such a beautiful country with such diversity in landscapes from the flatlands of Louisiana to the mountains and beyond.

    We drove our 2015 Tiffin 35 QBA Open Road and towed a 2014 Honda CRV,

    IMG 2009

    Screen Shot 2021 09 01 at 9 28 00 PM


    We visited16 magnificent National Parks starting with Joshua Tree, Channel Islands, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Pinnacles and Lassen Volcano in California, In Oregon we visited Crater Lake and in Washington we toured Mt. Rainier, Olympic and North Cascades. Teddy Roosevelt was our destination in North Dakota and In South Dakota we went to Wind Cave National Park. We stayed in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming and drove through Yellowstone.  In Colorado we toured Rocky Mountain National Park. Our final national park was Hot Springs National Park.

    IMG 6905

    A Joshua Tree in Joshua Tree National Park

    IMG 7129

    We saw thousands of dolphins on our boat ride to Channel Islands

    IMG 7044

    Hiking on the Santa Cruz Island of the Channel Islands

    \We joined our friends Ken, Linda, grandsons Dylan and Drew, Ed, and Tracey in California before we went to Sequoia National Park. We also had our grandson Ben since we left home.  He said with us for 62 days before we flew him home from Denver.

    IMG 7215

    IMG 7315

    Sequoia National Park

    IMG 7345

    Kings Canyon National Park

    $IMG 7418

    IMG 0905

    Pinnacles National Park

    IMG 7895

    Lassen Volcano National Par

    IMG 7754


    IMG 8136

    Crater Lake National 

    IMG 9245

    Mt. Ranier National Park


    Hurricane Ridge at Olympic National Park

    IMG 9587

    North Cascades National ParkIMG 0131

    Grand Teton National Park (hazy from CA fires)

    IMG 6214

    Yellowstone National Park

    IMG 0634

    Teddy Roosevelt National park

    IMG 0827

    Wind Cave National Park

    IMG 1269

    Rocky Mountain National Park

    IMG 2033

    Hot Springs National Park

    After this trip we have visited 49 of our nation’s National Parks and have been truly blessed by all that we were able to see and do.  We enjoyed many miles of hiking, riding our bicycles and driving through spectacular scenery. Although we had many days of record high temperatures, we were also blessed to have only three days of rain.

    So, now that we are home, here are the statistics from our trip:

    • We drove a total of 11,823 miles - 8,184 in the motorhome and 3,639 miles in the car. An average of 115.91 per day.
    • Our last campground was the Shreveport/Bossier City KOA for $48.85.  Campground total is  3,829.46
       or an average of $38.40 per night
    • Eating out and groceries total $2,956.94  or an average of $29.87 per day.
    • Gasoline cost $4,014.01 or a total of 39.35 per day
    • Grand total of Gas, food and campgrounds =$10,800.41
    • We spent $44.50 on tolls,
    • $124. to wash clothes ,
    • $104 to  wash car and rv,
    • $1,607.41 for Shows and Entrance fee
    • $174.01 on clothes
    • $225.12 for souvenirs 
    • TOTAL COST OF 102 DAYS OF TRAVELING = $15,284 OR $149.84 PER DAY

  • Hot Springs National Park - Day 100

    Hot Springs became a national park on March 4, 1921 but before that it was known as Hot Springs Reservation.The Reservation was initially created by an act of the United States Congress on April 20, 1832 to be preserved for future recreation.  This was before the concept of National Parks was developed.  This was the first time that land was set aside by the U.Sl government to preserve its recreational value and use.

    The city of Hot Springs was incorporated in 1851. In the early 1900s it was known as the home to Major League Baseball spring training.;  Later it was also known for illegal gambling, speakeasies during the Prohibition era, and gangsters such as Al Capone, horse racing at Oaklawn Park, the Army and Navy Hospital, and 42nd President Bill Clinton. 

    The entire Bathhouse Row area is designated as a National Historic Landmark District.

    IMG 2033

    Listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the “Army and Navy General Hospital Historic District,” this building was built in 1933 and is now being used as the Arkansas Career Development Center.

    IMG 2039

    The Buckstaff and Quapaw Baths (pictured below) are the only two bathhouses still used for that purpose.

    IMG 2045

    IMG 2044


    IMG 2042

    The Fordyce Bathhouse is now used as the national park visitor’s center. The picture below is a stain glass window inside.

    IMG 2043

    IMG 2049

    Our campsite #17 at Crystal Springs Campground and Marina

    Trip Statistics:

    • We have driven 7,947 in the motorhome and 3,639 miles in the car for a total of 11,646 miles
    • Crystal Springs Campground was $11.  Campground total is 3,829.46 or an average of $38.69 per night
    • Eating out and groceries total $2,956.94  or an average of $29.87 per day.

  • Petit Jean State Park - Days 98 & 99


    Petit Jean State Park and its native log and stone facilities were constructed by the  Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) beginning in 1933. The CCC built trails, roads, bridges, cabins, and the focal point of the park, historic Mather Lodge, a 24-room lodge overlooking Cedar Creek Canyon.

    Petit Jean State Park is a certified Trail of Tears National Historic Trail Site. In the 1830s, Cherokee Indians along with members from the other Southeastern tribes of the United States passed by Petit Jean Mountain during their forced migration to present-day Oklahoma.

    The park has 33 cabins and 125 campsites as well as two swimming pools, tennis court, basketball court, playgrounds, picnic shelters and an amphitheater.

    The campsites are all paved with full hook-ups, a fire pit and a pole for hanging a light.

    IMG 2003

    The park has a paved bike path that runs through the woods

    IMG 2009

    Our campsite was #1 and was very level and spacious.

    IMG 2014

    IMG 2021

    One of the beautiful bridges built by the CCC

    Petite St Pk Ark 1994

    Cedar Creek Falls (this picture was taken the last time we were here. There was no water going over the rocks this time).

    IMG 2026

    This was a water tower according to the sign, but I don’t know how it held water.

    IMG 2029

    This chimney is the remains of the recreation hall where the men gathered to relax in the evenings after working all day for the huge wage os $1.00 a day!

    Company V-1781 was the designation of Petit Jean’s CCC camp.  The “V” indicated the company employed WWI veterans.  Only 10% of CCC camps around the U.S, were veteran camps.  Most camps consisted of young men between the ages of 17 and 25, while veteran enrollees on Petit Jean Mountain were mostly ages 35-45.


    Trip Statistics:

    • We have driven 7859 in the motorhome and 3,616 in the car for a total of 11,550 miles.
    • Petite Jean State Park Campground was $39 a night for a total campground cost of $3,818.46 or an average of $38,96 per night
    • Groceries and eating out have totaled $2,887.04 or an average of $30.55 per day
    • Gasoline has cost $3,829.46

  • Bentonville, Arkansas Days 95-97

    Bentonville is someplace special! It is the birthplace and world headquarters of Walmart, the world’s largest retailer.  The family has been very philanthropic in the funding for parks, bike trails and the arts.  Ann Walton founded Crystal Bridges which is a stunning gallery of art.IMG 1979

    Crystal Bridge Art Museum 

    IMG 1853

    IMG 1880

    Chihuly gardens

    IMG 1854

    “We the People” in string art.

    IMG 1860

    IMG 1861

    IMG 1881

    This is the original Rosie the Riveter painted by Norman Rockwell.

    IMG 1887


    Bachman-Wilson home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

    IMG 1899

    IMG 1900

    This is the Bachman-Wilson come which was  originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1954 for Abraham Wilson and his first wife, Gloria Bachman.  Crystal Bridges acquired the home and had it  moved from New Jersey where it was originally located and reassembled here in 2004.

    Mildred Cooper Memorial Chapel

    IMG 1995

    Mildred Cooper Memorial Church is the perfect venue for a wedding. The walls are constructed with 15 main arches, within each arch are three or four Gothic arches.There are 4,460 sheets of glass and 31 tons of steel.

    Bentonville, Rogers, and Bella Vista Bicycle Trails

    Bentonville has some of the best singletrack trails, paved pathways, and on-road routes in the country.The bicycle trails that we road through this area are very well maintained and very enjoyable to ride.  There are banked and hilly dirt bike paths that go up the mountains and also run parallel to the paved bike paths.       

    IMG 3138

    IMG 1968

    IMG 1971

    IMG 1969

    S.IMG 1976

    Walmart Museum

    IMG 1946

    This is the original Walton’s 5 and 10 with Tom Walton’s pickup truck parked out front.

    IMG 1997

    An example of merchandise people returned to the store

    On Sunday we rode through the Osage Preserve 

    IMG 1996IMG 1993


    21c Museum and Hotel

    21C adds another artful element to the Bentonville scene, with over 12,000 square feet of gallery space that adjoins this 104-room boutique hotel and world class restaurant The Hive. Downtown Bentonville is among one of only seven other cities to house such a unique place to stay and play.

    IMG 1954

    The decorations inside The Hive Restaurant

    IMG 1950

    The green penguin can be purchased for only $5,000. It is made out of recycled plastics.  21c fans and residents of Northwest Arkansas selected green as the color to best represent both the region and the unique character of 21c Museum Hotel Bentonville. Green because it is a color of sustainability. The mission of the Cracking Art Group (their creator) is “to raise awareness of environmental issues and the use and misuse of natural resources by creating artworks out of petroleum products.’



    Trip Statistics:

    • We drove 165 miles from Branson, MO to Bentonville AR, in the motorhome. Total driven in the motorhome of 7,684. Plus, we drove 139 miles in the car.  Total on this trip for both is 11,343
    • We stayed at the Bella Vista RV Park on Blowing Spring Rd for $39 a night. We have spent $3,779.46 on campgrounds or an average of $39.78 per day.
    • Groceries and eating out have cost $840.69 or an average of $29.29 per day
    • Gasoline has cost $4,405.38 or an average of $6.37 per day.

  • Branson, MO - Days 92 - 94

    We drove from Lee’s Summit to Branson and arrived around 2:30 in the afternoon on Monday.  It was 97 degrees when we got here which felt like 106.   We had a beautiful campsite facing the White River near Branson Landing.  It stayed miserably hot the whole time we were here.

    IMG 1774

    Screen Shot 2021 08 25 at 11 49 43 AM

    IMG 1797

    The dog part in our campground

    IMG 1814

    Ice cream truck

    IMG 1812

    The new aquarium

    The first show we attended was Magnificent 7 which covered all types of music from 7 different decades as well as TV commercials from each of those decades.  Joe and Tamra Tinoco proceed and performed in the show along with their extremely talentedr16 year old daughter Tayla and a cast of four others.  A wonderfully entertaining evening.

    IMG 1796

    On Tuesday afternoon we went to hear the acapella group SIX, a group of six brothers who perform.

    IMG 1778

    After the show we ate dinner at Mel’s Hard Luck Diner. It’s a 1950s themed diner that has talented, professional singers, as the waiters.   We had a good dinner and enjoyed the music provided by the waiters. 

    IMG 1850

    We saw two people order this huge ice cream desser to sharet, but we did not stick around to if they were able to finish it.


    The next show we attended was The Haygooods on Tuesday night. This was our third time to see them perform and as usual, they put on a fantastic show!  The group is comprised of 5 brothers and one sister who are all so incredibly talented and able to play many different instruments.  Michael started the show by riding a zip line from the back of the auditorium above the audience  to the stage hanging upside down while playing his guitar .  Catherine play the song “Let It Go” from Frozen on a harp which sounded beautiful.  This is a show everyone needs to see in Branson.

    IMG 1852

    On Wednesday we saw Hot Rods & High Heels and Clay Cooper’s Country Express.  On Thursday we enjoyed the #1 Hits of the 60’s and finished off the evening with entertainment by The Duttons.

    IMG 1846

    IMG 1845

    One big disappointment was that the show “Jesus!” At the Sight and Sound Theatre was not open  the week we were there.  We have seen the productions of “Sampson” and “Moses” in the past and those were absolutely amazing. The shows we selected were all very good, but we need to return another season sometime because Branson is miserable in the summer


    Trip Statistics

    • We driven the motorhome 7,583 miles and the car 3,431 for a total  trip distance of 11,110 miles.
    • Branson’s Lakeside RV Park is $45.76 per night making the campground total $ 3,691.46 an average per night of $38.45
    • We paid  $2.49 per gallon for gas.  Total gas is $4,405.38
    • We’ve spent $2,721.84 on groceries and eating out or an average of $29.59 per day.

  • Leawood & Lee Summit, MO Days 88-90

    We left Colorado Springs on Wednesday August 18, and  stopped for one night at the WaKeeney  KOA ($37.35) and in Abilene, Kansas at the Covered Wagon RV ($35) on our drive east to reach Leawood, Kansas and Lee’s Summit, MO. ($29 per night)Screen Shot 2021 08 23 at 11 17 04 PM

    The evening we were in Abilene we wrote our bicycles nine miles around town in the afternoon.

    We arrived at Longview Campground  in Lee’s Summit on Friday evening and rode our bikes in the campground and then through the subdivisions around the campground for a total distance of 8.57 miles.  It was dusk as we rode back into the campground and we saw 17 deer as we rode the last mile into the campground.

    On Saturday morning we rode some of the Longview Lake Trail and the bike paths on the roads to get there and back for a total of 18.30 miles.

    IMG 1729

    IMG 3054

    Ann & Steve Ryan invited us to their home for dinner on Saturday evening.  They also invited four other couples from their church. We had a wonderful evening visiting with everyone. The meal was delicious!

    On Sunday morning we went to church service at the Church of the Resurrection in Leawood where Adam Hamilton is Pastor.  After church we went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse and then were to Phil and Linda Creason’s home and visited with them for several hours.

    Trip Statistics:

    • We drove 310 miles ffrom Colorado Springs to Wakeeney, 151 from WaKeeney to Abilene, and 172 to Lee’s Summit for a total driven in the motorhome of 7,384. Plus, we drove 171 miles in the car.  Total on this trip for both is 10,845.
    • We spent $3,459.42 on campgrounds or an average of $39.76 per day.
    • Groceries and eating out have cost $2,641.70 or an average of $29.35 per day
    • Gasoline has cost $4,254,30 or an average of $48.90 per day.

  • Colorado Springs- Days 83-86

    We stayed at the Mountaindale RV Resort which was a nice campground, but about a twenty mile drive back into Colorado Springs making it too inconvenient.  There was nothing to do around that area.

    After having Tom’s Bike stolen in Lakewood we decided to buy e-bikes and spent our time in Colorado Springs  testing different brands of bikes.  We purchased two Aventon Bikes and a bike rack to hold them.

    IMG 1680

    IMG 1724

    On Tuesday August 17, we road the COGS Railroad to the top of Pikes Peak.  We were on the two-seat side of the train which is the worse possible place to sit.  For anyone wanting to get better views, book seats on the three-passenger side of the train.  We had assigned seats so we were not able to switch sides.  We rode the COGS railroad in 1992 with four of our children and arrived at the top in 32 degree temperatures and six feet of snow on the ground.  Our little southern boys were freezing.

    Since our first trip to the top, we have driven to the top on six different occasions and definitely prefer that way to reach the top.  The scenery is much more magnificent when seen while driving.

    IMG 1695

    IMG 1702

    IMG 1708

    IMG 1700

    IMG 1699

    Trip Statistics:

    • We stayed at the Mountaindale RV Reort  for $59.91 a night.  The total campground cost is $3,300.07 so far.
    • We have spent $2,572.39 on groceries and eating out which averages $29.91 per night
    • Gasoline has cost $3901.06 so far on this trip.



  • Buena Vista, CO - Days 81 & 82

    Buena Vista (which means beautiful view) is my new favorite place to visit in Colorado during the summer. The town is located between Leadville and Salida, two towns we’ve enjoyed visiting in the past. The area boasts the highest concentration of summits over 14,000-ft. in Colorado and is home to the Arkansas River -- one of state’s most popular whitewater rivers. There are so many nice places to hike, bike ride and tour. We are staying at the Snowy Peaks RV Park and would definitely consider coming back for a week sometime.The weather has been absolutely perfect!  

    We drove into Buena Vista and hiked the Barbara Whippel Trail and then crossed over the river and hiked the River Trail.  It was an interesting hike because we were able to watch a few people kayak down the Arkansas River, a person ride the whitewater standing up on a paddle board, and a wedding reception at the Surf Hotel.

    IMG 2941

    IMG 1672

    This was not us, but it sure was fun to watch them!

    IMG 1607

    Look how cute this “living room” set located at the playground in historic Buena Vista is!  All the pieces are decorated in ceramic tile—including the cat and dog.


    IMG 1596

    There were two bridges on the trails about 1 mile apart  to cross the Arkansas River

    IMG 1604

    Cottonwood Pass and Loss Lake Hike

    Eighteen miles from Buena Vista driving up the Collonwood Pass is a beautiful hike called Loss Lake Trail that we hiked today. Between that hike and hiking to the top of the Continental Divide Trail at the Cottowood Pass, we hiked 4.19 miles.


    IMG 1621

    IMG 1623IMG 1632

    IMG 1636

    IMG 1645

    IMG 1652

    IMG 3008

    IMG 1660

    IMG 1661

    We couldn’t have asked for more spectaucular weather or more beautiful weather.  Clear and 68 degrees!

    IMG 1588

    Site 20 at the Snowy Peaks RV Park

    Comanche Drive in Theatre

    We ended the evening with a trip to the  drive in picture show.  We passed the theatre this afternoon on our way back from hiking and decided to go back tonight and give it a try. The movie was the new release of Disney’s The Jungle Book which was underwhelming to sat the least. 

    IMG 1675

  • Frisco & Breckenridge and then to Buena Vista - Day 80

    Peak One Campground, White River National Forest

    This morning I took a 2 mile walk around our beautiful campground.  This is one of my favorite campgrounds because there are so many beautiful views and trails to walk and bicycle in the park. However, we have to dry camp here.  That means we have to provide our own water, electricity and sewage disposal.  The water and sewer were no problem, but we could not get the generator to start and run.  The inverter will power the water pump, lights and a few electrical outlets, but the generator needs to run to use the toaster, coffee pot, microwave, and of course, the air condition.  The park is at 9,100’, a higher attitude than any other park where we’ve camped and needed to run the generator.  The generator worked fine everywhere else.  We had the exact same problem three years ago when we first camped at this campground and unfortunately, still don’t know what the solution is.IMG 1550

    IMG 1553

    IMG 1567

     I walked down to the bicycle parkl and watched a few bicyclists trying their hand at the slopes. The park has four different parts for riders of all ages and I have learned some new terminology :  1.  pump track- a BMX style track with a loop of rollers and berms; 2. Slopestyle Course - a mixture of jumps and mountain biking; 3. Dirt Jump Facility - practice on jumps and 4. Dual Shalom Course - the riders can race on jumps, bumps, and s curves.

    IMG 1562

    IMG 1563

    IMG 1569


    We drove into Breckenridge and had a nice lunch at Eric’s.  This is our third time to eat there in our visits from the previous years and really I really enjoy the pizza there   Afterwards, we walked to the biclcyle shops to get information on e bikes

    IMG 1575

    IMG 1572

    In the late afternoon we drove to Snowy Peaks RV Park in Buena Vista. We drove over the Fremont Pass  and then took the Top of the Rookies Highway (Hwy 24,) which went through Leadville, the highest incorporated town in North America.

    IMG 1581

    IMG 8012

    Trip Statistics:

    • We drove the motorhome 74 miles (6,646 total) and the car 37 (2,995 total).  Total miles driven on trip 9,733.
    • The last gas fillip was $3.799 per gallon.  Our total gasoline cost if now $3,859.23
    • The Snowy Peaks Campground was $59 for a total trip cost of $3,003.28, or an average of $37.54 per night.
    • Groceries and eating total $2,386.45 or an average of $29.83 per day

  • Steamboat to Frisco, CO - Days 78 & 79

    Tuesday morning when we were packing up to leave Steamboat, we started the engine on the motorhome, put in the slides, and unleveled  and then turned the engine off while we got everything else ready to go.  When we tried to start the engine to leave, it would not start! We tried to jump the battery with the car and with our battery charger. Tom got out the Manuel, called Tiffin who connected us with Ford Motor Co, etc to no avail.  Finally, after trying everything and waiting about an hour, it started and ran perfectly. We drove 102 miles to White River National Forest Peak One Campground  where we parked in space 50.

    Smoke from the wildfires in California are  still causing the beautiful mountains to barely be visible.

    IMG 1490

    IMG 1493

    The water in Green River Reservoir looked very low when we drove past on our way to Frisco.

    We arrived at Peak One Campground on the Dillion Reservoir.and are dry camping..We camped here three years ago when we first got this motorhome and were never able to get the generator to work.  The generator started at first, but when we turned it on later in the evening, it wouldn’t run and hasn’t run since).

    IMG 1505

    Our campsite is quite spacious and in a very pretty location

    IMG 1511

    IMG 1529

    Today we rode our bicycles 16 miles on the Blue River Trail.  

    IMG 1542

    This is the satellite picture from our ride as recorded on the Activity app on my watch.  We actually rode 16 miles, but I forgot to turn it on at the very beginning.

    IMG 1548


    IMG 2920

    IMG 1525

  • Steamboat Springs - Days 76 & 77

    We drove into town and up to the Steamboat Ski Resort where we spent the afternoon playing Putt Putt, riding the chairlift to the top of the mountain and riding the Outlaw Mountain Coaster (three times).  There was a 30 minute wait in line each time we rode the coaster, but the ride was over one mile long and a lot of fun.

    IMG 1449

    Frame 09 08 2021 07 10 29

    On Monday we rented Bull EVO ebikes and rode the bike trails of Steamboat. The bikes we rented were BULL EVA pedal assist and  were an absolute pleasure to ride. 

    IMG 1456

    After the bike ride we visited the Botanical Gardens.

    IMG 1469

    IMG 2884

    IMG 1465

    When we were on our bike ride we passed a big nest up on a pole.  We later found that it is an osprey nest. Interesting fact about the Osprey nest pictured below. The Botanical Garden installed the osprey nesting platform on top of a 45’ pole in 2013. 2.5 years later a pair of ospreys nested and raised 3 healthy chicks. They have returned every year since and have successfully had 3-4 chicks each year. They spend 5 months in Steamboat and then migrate to Central and South America.

    IMG 2870

  • Steamboat Springs, CO - Day 75

    We drove from Grand Lake, CO to Steamboat Springs.  The scenery was hazy the whole way because of the fires in California.  We were getting air quality emergency alerts on our cell phones.  Last night on the news I heard that Denver had the worse air quality of any place in the world yesterday.IMG 1411

    The mountains are barely visible in this picture I took as we were driving towards Steamboat Springs.

    IMG 1405

    We celebrated our 33 rdwedding anniversary with a steak dinner at the 8th Street Steakhouse.  We thought it was just a regular restaurant and were surprised when we discovered that we had to grill our own steaks!

    IMG 1424

    IMG 1415

    IMG 2837

    IMG 1423

    Look at these cute barrels with saddles to sit on to watch the steaks cook. We, of course, had to try them out.

    IMG 2838

    Trip Statistics:

    • We drove the motorhome 103 miles.  After we arrived we drove the car 18 miles.  Total trip mileage 9,460 miles.
    • Soaring Eagle RV Park  is $60.00 per night. Total campground is $2,778 or an average of $37.04 per night.
    • We have spent $2,270.57  on Groceries and Eating out  or an average of $30.27 a day
    • We didn’t buy any gas today so our total stays at $3,597.76



  • Winding River RV Resort and Grand Lake - Day 74

    We drove into Grand Lake this morning and played a round of Putt Putt and then ate lunch at Grand Pizza.

    IMG 1347

    IMG 1349

    After lunch we came back to the campground where I had a reservation for a trail ride.  My horse’s name was Socks and he was very obedient—just what I needed.

    IMG 2796

    IMG 2808

    IMG 1365

    IMG 2827

    IMG 2818

    IMG 1392

    IMG 1394

    Trip Statistics:

    • We did not drive the motorhome today, but drove the car 24 miles. The total miles driven on the trip is 9,363.
    • Winding River RV Resort is $63.00 per night. Total campground is $2,718.25 or an average of $36.73 per night.
    • We have spent $2,182.07 Groceries and Eating out  or an average of $29.48 a day
    • We didn’t buy any gas today so our total stays at $3,597.76

  • Rocky Mountain National Park - Day 73

    This is our sixth year to visit Rocky Mountain National Park!

    Since we did not have advanced reservations for our entrance into Rocky Mountain National Park, we needed to enter the park before 9:00AM so we were on our way into the park at 8:30AM.  As we drove into the park we were able to see some of the damage done by the East Troublesome Fire that started October 14, 2020 which burned 21,307 acres within the park.

    IMG 1323

    IMG 1318

    Our first wildlife sighting was a moose laying in the field munching on the grass.IMG 1202

    We drove 22 miles up Trail Ridge Road to the Alpine Visitor’s Center.  The road stretches from Grand Lake to Estes Park Road and is the highest paved through road in Colorado and it is also the highest paved road in Colorado that crosses the continental divide.We hiked the Alpine Ridge Trail to the top at 12,005 feet. The trail is only .6 miles roundtrip with a elevation gain of 209’, but is very steep.  This is the 6th time we walked up to the top so it has become our tradition.

    IMG 1267As we were leaving the Alpine Visito’s Center this coyote was walking down the road right in front of us.

    IMG 1271

    IMG 1233

    IMG 1236

    IMG 1246

    This was near the top of the Tundra Communities Trail

    IMG 2724

    We drove the Old Fall River Road which was completed in 1920 and was the first road built in the park.  It follows a route long used by Native American tribes, including Ute and Arapaho. The 9 mile road is gravel and dirt and only one way. It starts from Horseshoe Park up a deeply cut valley to Fall River Pass at 11,796 few.  It then joins Trail Ridge Road at the Alpine Visitors Center.  The drive is beautiful.

    IMG 1285

    IMG 1287

    IMG 2769

    IMG 2784

    IMG 1291

    The Ridge Road going toward the Continental Divide.

    IMG 1299

    Trip Statistics:

    • We did not drive the motorhome today, but drove the car 94 miles. The total miles driven on the trip is 9,399.
    • Winding River RV Resort is $63.00 per night. Total campground is $2656.24 or an average of $37.41 per night.
    • We have spent Groceries and Eating out 2,143.42 or an average of $29.35 a day
    • We didn’t buy any gas today so our total stays at $3,597.76


  • Grand Lake CO & Rocky Mountain National Park - Day 72

    We are staying at the Winding River RV Resort in Grand Lake, CO which is right outside the west entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. Winding River EntranceThe RV Park has a stable with horses that can be rented for trail rides, a petting area with a pony, calf, sheep, lambs, baby pinks, ducks and chicken.  There are cabins to rent, two covered wagons for rent, RV sites with corals for people to bring their own horses.

    We enjoyed walking around the park and seeing all the sites.IMG 1120

    IMG 1126

    IMG 1192

    Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the National Parks that require reservations to enter.  The reservations could be made the first of each month for the entire month.  We did not have reservations, but anyone can enter the park before 9:00AM and after 3:30PM.  So, after 3:30, we drove to the East Inlet Trailhead and hiked to Adams Falls  and then into the meadow past the falls.

    Screen Shot 2021 08 05 at 10 30 03 PM

    IMG 1133

    IMG 1137The East Inlet Trailhead

    IMG 1140

    Adams Falls

    IMG 1151

    Grand Lake

    We walked around the town of Grand Lake after our hike and stopped for some ice cream.IMG 1165

    IMG 1194

    Grand Lake Lodge

    We stopped at the Grand Lake Lodge on our way back to the campground. The Grand Lake Lodge was opened in 1920 to serve tourists visiting Rocky Mountain National Park via the Trail Ridge Road.

    IMG 1170

    IMG 1179

    IMG 1180

    IMG 1183

  • Lakewood, CO to Grand Lake, CO- Day 71

    It was a beautiful drive from Lakewood to Grand Lake, but when we left I-70 and started climbing over the Berthoud Pass, the road was very steep and winding with many switchback turns.  We went from an altitude of 5,518 feet in Lakewood to 11,306 feet at the top of Berthoud Pass back down to 8,677 feet in Grand Lake. As we reached Winter Park it started to rain and rained until 10:30 PM.  This is the most rain we’ve gotten since the trip started.  In fact, in the 71 days we’ve been gone, we’ve only had 2 days of rain.

    IMG 1065

    This is the map for Route 40 that we traveled to go over the pass.

    IMG 1100


    IMG 1083

    I used the Altitude App to take this picture showing we were at 11,282 feet above sea level.

    Berthoud Pass sign

    IMG 1087

    IMG 1092

    We arrived at the Winding River Resort right by the southern entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park around 3:30.  It was pouring down rain as I backed the motorhome home into our muddy space.  We spent the rest of the day inside the camper watching Longmire.

    Trip Statistics:

    • We drove 102 miles from Lakewood to Grand Lake, CO.  Total miles driven so far this trip 9,295 in both vehicles.
    • Winding River RV Resort is $69.90 per night. Total campground is $2,537.11 or an average of $39.19 per night.
    • We have spent Groceries and Eating out 2,130.24 or an average of $30.00 a day
    • We didn’t buy any gas today so our total stays at $3,597.76



  • Lakewood, CO - Days 68 & 69

    Saturday morning we drove Ben to the airport for his nonstop flight back to Birmingham.  This was the first time he has been old enough to fly on his own without being an unaccompanied minor.  His flight left at 11;10 and arrived in Birmingham at 2:55.

    IMG 1040

    After we got back to Lakewood we met our friends, former Lake Charles residents Celina and Marian Perry, at the Village Inn for lunch.  This is the fourth year in a row that we’ve met for breakfast or lunch.

    The rest of the day we watched the Olympics and visited with Darien and Felicia.  We also got to meet Zelie their new granddaughter.  Check out this creative birth announcement Dustin & Rosalie had made for her.

    IMG 1037

    On Sunday when we went outside, we realized someone had stolen Tom’s bicycle from the bike rack behind the car!  They cut the cable lock which was about ½ inch thick and took the bike which was in the middle of the three bicycles.  We know it was on the bike rack when we left the restaurant, but I went to Walgreens and the grocery store late on Saturday night and don’t know if it was taken at one of those places or not.

    IMG 6352 2


    Hammond Candy Company

    On Monday Felicia took us to the Hammond Candy Company where we were able to take a tour and watch the workers make the candy. They gave each of us a hand twisted candy cane.  We bought some hand dipped chocolate turtles and their version of a peanut butter & chocolate cup (very good) and a foot long strip of Laffy Taffy.

    IMG 1061

    IMG 1054

    This is the dough for the handmade striped candy canes.  This batch weighs 70 pounds!

    IMG 1059

    Trip Statistics:

    • The motorhome has remained in the driveway, but we have driven the car 136 miles while we were here.  Total trip mileage is 9,234.
    • We have spent 2,130.24 on Groceries and Eating out  or an average of $30.00 a day
    • We bought gas for $3.279 for a total of  $3,597.76 for the trip.

  • Water World near Denver - Day 67

    This morning we drove from Longmont  23 miles to Water World in Federal Heights, CO (outside of Denver).  We arrived before 9:00AM and met Darien and Felicia in the parking lot.  The park doesn’t actually open until 10:00AM, but we wanted to make sure we had a place to park the motorhome.  It was a perfect day for the water park with temperatures in the 90s and sunny.  This is the best water park we’ve ever visited.  
    IMG 1014

    We waited 1.5 hours in line for the first ride!IMG 1022

    IMG 1027

    IMG 1034

    We stayed the entire day from the time it opened until the time it closed.  We left the motorhome in the parking lot while we drove our car to Popeyes for dinner.  After dinner we came back and drove both the car and motorhome to Darien and Felicia’s home where we parked it in their driveway for the next four nights.

    IMG 1043

    Trip Statistics:

    • We drove 42 miles from Longmont to Lakewood, CO.  Total miles driven so far this trip 9,098 in both vehicles.
    • We are parked in the O’Brien’s driveway for free. Total campground is $2,537.11 or an average of $39.19 per night.
    • We have spent $1,948.69 on Groceries and Eating out or an average of $29.08 a day.
    • We didn’t buy any gas today so our total stays at $3,557.95.


  • Glendo, WY to Longmont, CO - Day 66

    Today was another travel day. We drove from Glendo State Park in Wyoming 173 miles to St Vrain State Park in Longmont, CO. In Wyoming we saw this lone metal cowboy up on the hill along the interstate.  

    IMG 0983

    As we passed the WY border into Colorado on the interstate, we looked for the bison on the hill each year.  It’s a metal cell phone repeater cleverly camouflaged as a bison and is located on the property of Terry Bison Ranch where we have stayed several times in the past.

    IMG 2492

    IMG 1005

    We stayed at the St Vrain State Park Campground in Longmont which is a beautiful campground with several lakes and nice walking trails.  Each picnic table had a shelter which kept the afternoon sun off of us.

    IMG 0984

    IMG 0988

    IMG 0994

    Ben made and grilled our hamburgers for dinner tonight which were delicious!IMG 0985

    Trip Statistics

    • St. Vrain Campground - $45.00; Total Campground Cost $2,467.21 or an average of $38.55 per night
    • Miles driven today 173.   Total miles driven in camper and car is 9,034.
    • We bought gas for $190.24 $3.399 per gallon.  Total gas purchases on trip is $3,557.95

  • Rapid City to Glendo, WY - Day 65

    This morning we left Hart Ranch in Rapid City, SD and drove south 206 miles to Glendo State Park in Glendo, WY.  The views were hazy the whole way because of the fires in the west and the scenery was mostly flat. We are headed towards Colorado where we will be spending the  two weeks moving around the state and hopefully, enjoying some cooler weather.  These 65 days have been very dry.  We  have only had two days of rain the whole time we’ve been gone and the rain only lasted about an hour or two each day.

    IMG 0976

    For at least the first half of our drive the scenery was flat and unremarkable.

    IMG 0960

    Driving in southwest South Dakota

    When we crossed into Wyoming, the road was payed in some red material instead of being gray or black.  We saw a few small mounds  and a big rocks or two along the way.

    IMG 2481

    IMG 2487

    IMG 2488

    This is the Glendo Reservoir near our campsite

    IMG 0968

    IMG 0967

    Trip Statistics

    • We drove 206 miles in the motorhome today and none in the car.  Total trip mileage is 8,847.
    • Bennett Hill Campground at Glendo State Park was $48.00.  Campground Total is $2,422.21 or an average of $37.85 per night.

  • Hart Ranch, Rapid City, SD Days 57 - 64

    We drove from Medora, ND 248 miles to Hart Ranch in Rapid City, SD.  Hart Ranch is a beautiful time share campground resort which we purchased 28 years ago when our boys were small.  This is a wonderful family campground with beautiful facilities and activities for the children all during the day. Lap swim for adults is at 8:00am followed by aerobics from 9:00-10:00.

    1791109 lg

    Front of Lodge—Registration Area

    IMG 0844

    Back of Lodge where pool table, TV,  games area, and fitness center are located.

    IMG 0849

    I did the water aerobics each morning and Tom and I ended each day by sitting in the hot tub.

    IMG 1805

    This is the recreation center for the kids.  Ben enjoyed spending time here and playing gaga ball all in the arena below.

    IMG 1804


    Putt Putt Course


    Bicycle rentals


    Volleyball anyone?

    We spent eight days here which is the longest we have ever stayed at any location.  We had a wonderful time, but definitely had some hot weather with temperatures between the high 90’s to as high as 107. Even though it was still in the 90s n the evenings, it felt very comfortable to be walking around the park or riding our bicycles.

    Trip Statistics 

    • We 248 miles to  Hart Ranch.  Total driven so far is 5,840
    • We’ve driven the CRV 413 miles for a total of 2,594 miles.  Total for both vehicles = 8,641
    • Hart Ranch is $10 per night for members.  Campground total for trip = $2,374.21 or an average of $37.10 per night
    • We paid $3.179 per gallon for gas in Rapid City and have spent $3,367.71 so far on the trip.

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