Welcome to Minnesota!  (Now if we only can learn how to use this crazy selfie stick)!


After parking our camper at the Lebanon Hills Regional Park Campground, we drove our car into St. Paul to tour the state capital.  Our guide was very knowledgeable and interesting .

Minnesota State Capital Building

IMG 6946

A view of the dome from the first floor

.IMG 6956

The guide took us to see he quadriga on top of the dome. It is.a classical chariot drawn by four horses abreast, often symbolizing triumph or victory. In the case of the Minnesota Capitol dome, the Quadriga specifically represents the “Progress of the State.” The Quadriga is made of copper sheeting and was gilded with gold leaf, giving it a striking appearance against the blue-green dome. It stands as a symbol of the state’s aspirations and achievements, embodying the ideals of prosperity and growth that Minnesota strives for.

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Cathedral of St. Paul

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Summit Ave

Summit Avenue is one of the best-preserved Victorian-era residential boulevards in the United States. It was developed during the late 19th and early 20th centuries as St. Paul’s elite moved westward from the downtown area.The avenue is lined with grand mansions and homes that showcase a variety of architectural styles, including Queen Anne, Richardsonian Romanesque, Italianate, and Classical Revival. Many of these homes were designed by prominent architects of the time.

Summit Avenue is home to several cultural landmarks, including the James J. Hill House, a National Historic Landmark and former residence of the railroad magnate James J. Hill. Other notable buildings include the Governor’s Residence, the Cathedral of Saint Paul, and the University Club of Saint Paul.

SIMG 6961

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Completed in 1891, the 36,000 square foot residence immediately became the largest and most expensive house in Minnesota.

Trip Statistics

  • Distance driven in motorhome from last stop - 227miles (total miles driven 1195)
  • Miles driven in car today 39 (245 total)
  • Campsite cost  - $55.14 (total 300.83 or an average of $42.98 per night)
  • Gas cost was $205.44 today.