Today’s journey was from  Bentonville, AR area to Peculiar, MO.  We are staying at the Peculiar RV Park.IMG 6837

After we arrived at the Peculiar RV Park I drove into Kansas City to see the Nelson-Adkins Art Museum. The museum was already closed when I arrived, but a temporary building had been erected in the back for a wedding!!!  There were tents attached with air conditioning ducts to cool the building.


Temporary building from tent side

IMG 6831

Other side of temporary building

The mission of my drive was to take a picture of the iconic shuttlecock on the front lawn.  Mission accomplished.

IMG 6829

IMG 6817

Trip Statistics

  • Distance driven in motorhome today - 178 miles (total miles driven 725)
  • Miles driven in car today 61
  • Campsite cost  - $60