The 11th century Kadri Manjunatha Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed to be the oldest Shiva Temple in Mangaluru. The temple also has tanks with natural springs and laterite caves also known as the Pandava Caves.

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The healing pools within the temple area filled from the natural springs.

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We were fortunate to be at the temple in time to witness some of a wedding.  The groom is picture above inside the building where the wedding is held.  In the picture below, the family is escorting the bride.

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St. Aloysius College Chapel

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St. Aloysius College Chapel

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The inside of the chapel was painted by Jesuit Brother Antony Moscheni.  In just over two years, he completed 600 square metres of frescoes, and 400 square metres of oil paintings on canvases. Since there were no locally available paints then, and importing them from Europe was not a viable option, Moscheni used dried powder pigments combined with pure water on freshly applied lime plaster for the frescoes. For the canvases, he used linseed oil mixed with dried powder pigments.

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Mangaladevi Temple


The Mangaladevi Temple is a Hindu Temple located in Mangalore.  The temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Shakti in the form of Mangaladevi, for whom the city is named.


Mangaladevi Temple entrance Mangaladevi Mangalore

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Our next stop for the day was the deep sea port in Mangalore where the fishing boats were returning after being out for sea for two weeks. The port was bustling with activity and we saw many different types of fish on pallets waiting to be transported across the country.

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The women clean the fish on the side of the road so people can buy the fresh fish.

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The fish are layed on tarps in the hot sun to dry (in case you ever wondered where dried fish comes from)!


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Cutting jackfruit for us to taste (definitely not my preference for fruit!)


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