We started the day by driving Hwy 101 S from Eureka until we saw the exit for Avenue of the Giants.

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We stopped at the Humboldt Redwood Interpretive Center.

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This motorhome was made from a previously fallen redwood donated by the Pacific Lumber Co. Using a one-man saw Kellogg cut off a 22 foot section of the 11 foot diameter tree to build his Travel-Log. He used cables and the Nash Quad to fill the huge log to the work sit. Then he and two helpers began shaping the exterior.IMG 2646

We stopped at the Shrine Drive Thru Tree to drive through it and also see the two houses made from redwood trees.

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The beautiful Chandelier Redwood—315 ft. Tall, 21 ft. In diameter with a maximum age of 2400 years.  Leggett, CA

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Apparently banana slugs are everywhere in this area.  Every gift shop had stuffed animal ones for sale.