We left our home today headed for our first stop in Texarkana, TX.

2024 Road Trip to Alaska

This is the map of our planned journey which will last 106 days. We’ve made reservations for our campsites and some of our tours in addition to some plane reservations to get to the Gates of the Arctic National Park and Kabuki Valley National Park.  

IMG 6268

My son Stephen helped design the map on the t-shirt I designed for this trip.  The back of the t shirt has some of the stops we will be making.

Our first day’s summary

We ran into some heavy rain along the way and the driver’s windshield wiper broke.  Luckily, we were able to pull under an overpass and fix it with some duct tape.

IMG 6731

Our first night’s stop was at the Texarkana RV Park.  

Screenshot 2024 06 27 at 6 09 39 PM

Distance driven in motorhome today - 274 miles

Campsite cost  - $48

Gas 2.79 per gallon $84.18