We walked off the ship this morning and found a tuk tuk driver to give us a tour of Columbo.

IMG 4772

IMG 4852

It was a hot and steamy day today!

IMG 4981

IMG 5076

Traffic was crazy!  He took us to the railway station where we could get a look at their train system.

IMG 4792

IMG 5006

We went to the St. Anthony’s Shrine (Catholic Church) which was bombed on Easter Sunday April 21, 2019 at 8:45 AM during the service, killing 57 people as they worshipped.  At the same time, three luxury hotels were also bombed.  Two other churches in Sri Lanka were bombed that day killing a total of 269 people.  

IMG 4777

IMG 4776

IMG 4778

The sanctuary has been rebuilt since then.

IMG 4785

Our next photo stop was at the Al Altar Mosque (Red Mosque).

IMG 4795

The Lotus Tower is a communications tower with a revolving restaurant and observation deck at the top. We rode up to the top to get a view of the city.

IMG 4800

The view from the top of the Lotus Tower

IMG 4797

A view of our ship from the top of the tower.

IMG 4804

Sri Kaileswarman Temple, the oldest Hindu Temple in Columbo

IMG 4807

IMG 4861

Gangaramaya Temple, the oldest Buddhist temple in Columbo

IMG 4818

IMG 4829

IMG 4834

Looks like many people have made a wish by rubbing the Buddha

IMG 4836

IMG 4839

The resident Buddha tying a bracelet on Tom’s arm.

IMG 4845

KFC is all over the world (but no longer in Lake Charles)!

IMG 4851

The infrastructure isn’t the best that we’ve seen!

IMG 4862

The tug coming to take us out of the port.