We hired a private driver today and gave her a list of the places we wanted to see.  The first stop was the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary where we fed the elephants and posed for a few pictures.

IMG 4542 copy

IMG 4505

IMG 4540

The next stop was the Buddhist Temple of War Chai Thararam.

IMG 4564

IMG 4559


IMG 4560

The Big Buddha

IMG 4818

IMG 4579

IMG 4582

IMG 4598

IMG 4601

IMG 4604

The last stop of the day was the Cashew Factory. 

Cashew fruit, or cashew apple, is a tropical fruit that grows on the cashew tree. It’s often mistaken for the seed of the cashew nut, but it’s actually an edible fruit with a unique flavor and texture.

What do cashew fruit taste like

"Although the fruit itself is edible, it has a very short shelf life and can quickly become overripe. The most popular way to enjoy this fruit is by eating it fresh, either on its own or as part of a tropical fruit salad.

Cashew fruit itself is not poisonous, but the cashew nut that it contains is. The cashew nut grows outside of the actual fruit and is protected by a strong shell. This shell contains anacardic acid, which can irritate your skin and cause blisters if you come into contact with it.” [betony-nyc.com/can-you-e...](https://betony-nyc.com/can-you-eat-cashew-fruit/)