We purchased a Winnipeg Attractions Pass and used it today to see some amazing attractions.  The first was the Canadian Museum for  Human Rights

.IMG 7254

It was opened in 2014 and is the first museum in the world solely dedicated to human rights.  The museum features exhibits on various human rights issues, historical events, the stories of individuals and communities who have fought for human rights.

IMG 7216

Where in the world are Tom and Mary???  In the middle of Winnipeg!

Winnipeg Museum

Next, we went to the Winnipeg Museum which features the natural and human history of Manitoba and exhibits on the province’s environment, cultures, and history. The dioramas are very detailed and depict life-sized glimpses into life in earlier times

IMG 7225

The buffalo are depicted in mid-motion, capturing the energy and movement of the herd.

IMG 7228

Carved sunglasses crafted by the Intuit people. These sunglasses, made from materials such as bone, wood or antlers and were designed to protect the wearer’s eyes from the intense glare of sunlight reflecting off snow and ice.

IMG 7229

Ice knife traditionally made from bone for cutting snow and a snow scoop designed for moving snow efficiently.  These two tools were used to build igloos.

IMG 7230

This Arctic diorama depicts an adult male polar bear with a half grown ringed seal that he has dragged onto the ice pack. He is about to enjoy his high energy-packed meal.

IMG 7235

This diorama depicts the daily life of the Intuit people showing their tents (lupiqs) and other structures that illustrate the types of dwellings used by the Inuit in different seasons and tools used in daily life.

IMG 7241

This is a full-size replica on the “Nonsuch,” a historic ship that played a pivotal role in the fur trade and the establishment of Hudson’t Bay Company in it’s 1868-69voyage.This replica was built in 1969 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the original voyage.

After touring the museum we watched a presentation at the Planetarium and then walked around the Children’s Museum..

IMG 7243

Check out this giant version of a Lite Brite!

IMG 7245

I ducked inside a huge kaleidoscope!


  • Miles driven in the car today: 58
  • Total miles driven in car and RV: 2,409
  • Winnipeg West KOA Campground $43.91.  The average cost has been 39.66 per night.
  • Groceries and food:  $339.37  for an average of $25.96 per day
  • Last gas cost $3.14 a gallon . Our total is now $878.74 which has  averaged $58.46 per day.  Today’s average is .36 a mile