Today we drove from International Falls, MN and stopped in Steinbach, Manitoba to visit the Mennonite Heritage Village. 

The village has both an indoor museum and an outdoor open-air museum which displays original buildings that are significant to Mennonite history. These included traditional Mennonite houses, barns, schools, and church buildings.IMG 7187

IMG 7179

IMG 7183

The house looks short on the outside but at least three feet of the base is underground.  Once we walked down inside we saw that the inside ceilings were at least 8 feet tall.

IMG 7189

One room classroom with all student assignments on the board.

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There were props on a table by an old fashioned background screen.  The rolling pin just jumped into my hand.

IMG 7199

IMG 7201

IMG 7209

In was interesting to see that Mennonites originated in Amsterdam and Switzerland .  The ones from Switzerland went directly to Pennsylvania in 1690 for religious freedom.  The ones from the Netherlands went to Poland in 1530, to Ukraine in 1776 and then came to Manitoba in 1874, 1924, and 1948

The drive across the province

The ride from International Falls to Winnipeg was completely flat!  We only went over one overpass the whole way.  This road is straighter and flatter for a longer period of time that any other road I’ve ever traveled.

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IMG 7250

There were many large fields of  canola flowers blooming all along the way.

IMG 7163

IMG 7214


  • Miles driven in RV from last stop: 266
  • Miles driven car today: 2
  • Total miles driven in car and RV: 2,370
  • Winnipeg West KOA Campground $43.91  
  • Groceries and food:  $328.05  for an average of $25.23 per day
  • Last was was $3.14 a gallon and we filled up the car and RV for $232.58, and average of $17.89 per day