We started at the Shunk Creek Train Depot in Ft. Bragg and followed a guide on a two person electrically enhanced custom built rail bike.  We rode 3.5 miles to Glen Blair Junction for a 50-minute layover to enjoy walking amongst the giant redwoods before peddling back to the Train Depot.IMG 2256

IMG 2407

IMG 3759

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With all the redwoods and evergreen trees is this area of the country, the few tress with changing leaves really stand out!

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Afterwards, we drove 30 miles to Willits to buy a new tire for the rental car. It took over two hours to get the tire mounted and changed, so it was dark by the time we drove the 84 miles back to Eureka.

As we were driving to our Airbnb in Eureka, we were stopped by the Christmas parade of firetrucks, tow trucks, and emergency vehicles decorated for Christmas. Good thing there was no emergency in the area at the time because all the emergency vehicles must have been in line at this parade.

IMG 2454

IMG 2455