We flew from Houston to Eureka, CA to see the beautiful redwood trees and ride the skunk rail train.  Since our reservation was for 1);30 the next day, we decided to get our rental car and drive down to Ft. Bragg.  Our plan was to ride the Railbikes along Pudding Creek.

We drove on Rt 101 until we turned onto Rt. 1. By this time it was totally dark, and there were no lights or signage on the road. Rt 1 was a steep, mountainous road with tight turns and no shoulders. We had a blowout of the front passenger side tire. We were in the middle of nowhere, 40 miles from Ft. Bragg, our destination for the night .  We had no cell phone reception and I had to drive almost two miles before I could find a place to pull over so we could change it. We took off the tire and replaced it with the small spare which isn’t supposed to be used for more than 50 miles.  Our plan was to got to a tire dealer in Ft. Bragg the next day and buy a new tire.

IMG 2235

Tom was changing the tire by light of his cell phone.

Screenshot 2023 12 09 at 10 37 05 PM

We ate a devious dinner at The Wharf which was located right next to the water in Ft. Bragg.  I had delicious fish tacos, coleslaw, black beans and rice.  Tom had Fried fish and fries.  We both  enjoyed out meal.

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