We took an Old Town Trolley Tour of Savannah with a very interesting tour guide named Ray for the first 3/4 of the tour.  When we got off a the Prohibition Museum and then got on another trolley our guide was Chey and we had a very hard time understanding what she was saying.

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Prohibitions Museum 

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Prohibition Whiskey Gutter, Sentember 10, 1926 -Neighborhood children scramble to scoop up whiskey and wine from a gutter after Prohibition agents destroyed barrels with axes and dumped its contents into the streets at the intersection of Van Brunt and Sackett

Streets, Brooklyn, New York. While nowhere to be seen, the children's parents clearly are behind the scheme and the beneficiaries of the liquor collection. Their presence would likely net their arrest.

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Waving Girl Statue

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Tribute to Florence Martus, a Savannahian who is perhaps better known in worldwide maritime communities than in her own. From 1887 to 1931, she greeted ships entering Savannah by waving a cloth at approaching ships from the lighthouse on Cockspur Island, in search of her long lost lover. Her fame spread and ships would return her greetings with a blast from the ship's horn. Many still sound a salute to her statue.

Rainbow Row

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Rainbow Row is a collection of charming Carpenter Italianate-style row homes. Each unit features Victorian era details and has its own color scheme that embodies the feel of Savannah and its architecture. 

Old Town Trolley Tour

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Skidaway State Park

We are staying at Skidaway State Park.  The park offers big private lots, beautiful oak trees with Spanish Moss


TM Skidaway

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There are  bcycle trails within the park and ever better ones right outside the park.  We bicycle about 5 miles each day. Cost of staying here was $30 a night.