We spent three nights in Fayetteville, WV at the Riftrafters Campground, our springboard for all the sights were wanted to see in the area.

T M Grandview

Day 1-We drove to the Grandview Visitor Center and walked to the overlook to see the beautiful horseshoe turn of the New River.

IMG 5460

We hiked  the Grandview Rim Trail to see the river a few more times before hoping in the road and driving from Grandview to Sandstone Falls.

IMG 5464

The drive to Sandstone Falls is approximately 30 miles from Grandview, but it took an hour and 30 minutes to get there.The falls were beautiful though and totally worth it.

IMG 5492

Our last stop was Babcock State Park to see the Grist Mill at Glade Springs.

IMG 5500

Grist Mill at Glade Springs in Babcock State Park

IMG 5501

What a day!  We only drive 138 miles, but it took us over eight hours!

Screenshot 2023 07 06 at 10 16 11 PM

Day 2 - We drove to the New River Bridge Visitor Center and then walked out to the bridge overlook. When we were arrived, the entire gorge was totally fogged in.  After we spent 30 minutes inside the visitors center, the fog was started to lift.  

IMG 5512

IMG 5522

IMG 5520

IMG 5518

IMG 5523

IMG 5527

One we left the Visitor Center at the Bridge, we drove down to Montgomery.

IMG 5532

The Falls at Glen Farris

IMG 5533

Nice painting of Montgomery on a store wall.

IMG 5541

A boat ride on the Kanawha River with long-time friends Lou Ann and Gary.