We spent about two hours driving to some of the covered bridges in Bedford County.  We followed a circular  route  that allowed us to see nine of them. Most of the bridges were built around the 1880s. Some are still in use and some are now only foot bridges

.IMG 5616

Claycomb Bridge

IMG 5618

Turner Bridge

IMG 5620

Snooks Bridge

IMG 5622

Kingsley Bridge

IMG 5624

Royt Bridge

IMG 5628

Cuppets Bridge

IMG 0870

IMG 0890

Turner Bridge

The National Museum of the American Coverlet 

The Museum opened in Bedford, Pennsylvania’s historic (1859) former Common School building in May of 2006. Since then, it has welcomed visitors from around the world.

NMAC offers changing exhibitions of 80 to 100 coverlets at a time, along with early spinning wheels, barn frame looms and more.

What is a coverlet? It is a decorative, woven bedcovering. Coverlets were usually woven from a combination of linen or cotton and wool. They can be broadly divided into two categories based on design and loom type: geometric, and Figured and Fancy. These textiles were at their height of popularity in America from the 1750s through the 1870s.

IMG 5648

The hand painted scene at the entrance of the museum.

IMG 5645

On the bottom right corner of these coverlets, the year made and the person it was made for are woven into the bottom right corner.  Tom was woven in 1823 for Hannah Smith.  The bottom was woven in 1822 for Lydia Stewart.

IMG 5646

IMG 5650

IMG 5649

Omni Bedford Springs Resort

Established in 1806, it is one of last and best-preserved of 19th-century resort hotels based around mineral springs. We drove out to see the resort and walked around the hotel and property.

IMG 0909

IMG 5652

We stayed at the Friendship Campground in Bedford.