Chinoike Hells (Jigoku)- Steaming thermal pool with dark-red water naturally colored by iron oxide & nearby foot baths was our first stop on today’s itinerary in Beppu.IMG 9760

We soaked our feet in the mineral rich, slightly cooler foot bath.

IMG 9772

IMG 3723

IMG 9776

Beautiful azaleas were blooming in the town of Beppu

Myoban Onsen

As we drove through the town we saw steam drifting up around the buildings. Our destination was the Yunohana Medicinal Sinter. 

IMG 3741

The hot-spring gas is condensed and crystalized into beautifully white Yunohana, which are natural bath salts. Yunohana is produced in huts with straw-thatched roofs called Yunohana-goya, which stand in a row in the Myoban Onsen area. Hot-spring components are condensed by using the hot spring steam and blue clay, and they grow 1 millimeter a day. The production method and techniques have not changed in 300 years.  The 16th generation CEO spoke with us today.  Her family has operated this particular site for the last 300 years.  

IMG 3747

IMG 3748

IMG 3749

In the last picture, someone is cooking their dinner by steam as it escapes through this chimney in the ground.