At 11:02am onn August 9, 1945, Nagasaki was struck by the atomic bomb “Fat Man,” killing thousands and decimating the city to rubble. Ten years later, the Nagasaki Peace Park was opened as a memorial for the victims and to send the world a message for peace.

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Installed in front of the statue is a black marble vault containing the names of the atomic bomb victims and survivors who died in subsequent years.

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Visitors bring bottles of water to the Bell Tower each day to memorialize the victims who were suffering from intense thirst while dying after the explosion.


Peace Fountain

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This is the handwriting of a 9 year old that says something like “I was very very thirsty and found the water.  I drank the water which was very oily." (she later died).

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This sculpture was donated by Japan’s oldest sister city St. Paul, MN and represent the seven continents. The interdependence of the figures symbolizes global peace and solidarity.

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Ground Zero

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The explosion of the atomic bomb destroyed Urakami Cathedral, the grandest church in east Asia at the time. Only the broken church wall remained.