Last day in Bali…. This morning we went to the Agung Rai Museum of Art to take an art class and view some beautiful Balinese artwork. Although my drawing was no masterpiece, it was a fun experience.

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Just seeing the beautiful doors on the museum was a treat.

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This is a closeup of the beautiful door carvings

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Beautiful carving on the wall

IMG 2914

Thes costume is magnificently made.  The face is hand-carved from wood. The tan part around the face are made from cow’s hind with inlaid mirrors.The hair hanging from the mouth is human hair, the black hair hanging down is horse hair.  The yellow “hair” at the bottom is made from a plant called prosok, which is cut, soaked in water for ten days before beating and causing the plant to shred l

IMG 2912

IMG 2916


IMG 2909

The drawing of the airline that missed the airport runway and cracked in two when it hit the water.Balinese artistes typically draw in a flat dimension .

IMG 2908IMG 2907

This picture is of the sinking of the titanic .

IMG 2896

IMG 2897

IMG 2923

This was my creation

Back at the resort

We returned to Ubud Maya around 1:00.  I put on my swimsuit and met Tom down at the pool (he didn’t go to the art museum).  We spend several house swimming and lounging by the infinity pool where we also ate our lunch.  We thought it was going to rain, so we started walking back to our room.  When we got to the next pool, we decided it wasn’t going to rain ,so we stop and spent several hours there

Our farewell dinner was tonight at 6:30.  Some of the group fly home tonight and the rest of us leave in the morning.

It’s been a wonderful trip!.


IMG 2939

IMG 2832