Cooking Class

We started out cooking class at 10:00am this morning and made all the dishes that were served for lunch.  

The cooking school grows most of the vegatables and seasonings that is used.  

IMG 2661

IMG 2665

IMG 2670

Chopping the onion and garlic

IMG 2675

IMG 2683

IMG 2694

IMG 2699

IMG 2700

IMG 2657

Kite and puppet painting, dancers and music

We went to a multigenerational family’s home when the father and mother taught dance lessons. Multigenerational families live together in the same compound.  Each compound also has a temple.

IMG 2724

We watch the children perfect—both the dancers, musicians, and puppeteer.  The two little girls in the from t were 6 and 9 and it was only the second time they performed in a costumer and make up.  

IMG 2710

After the dance performance we painted kites and shadow puppets.

IMG 2715


IMG 2713

IMG 2722

We went left there we went to watch some woodcarvers before going to Bebek Joni for a fried duck dinner.IMG 2725