Probolingo Market

We were shuttled to the docks on the ship’s Zodiacs this morning about 8:30 and from there rode a tour bus to the city market in Probolingo.  The lack of any sanitary conditions whatsoever in the market made we wonder about the food we’ve been eating.

IMG 2190

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IMG 2193

Bromo Tender Semeru National Park

After visiting the market for 30 minutes (which was about 25 minutes too long), we got back on our bus and rode for about an hour until reaching Sukapura.  There we all b boarded Land Cruisers to ride an additional 30 minutes up to the national park.  

IMG 2298

Once we arrived at the national park’s parking area, we walked .75 miles before walking 244 steps to view the Bromor volcano.

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IMG 2243

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IMG 8823

IMG 2264

We are lunch at the Lava Cafe Restaurant 

IMG 2265

IMG 8862

IMG 2268

The view of Bromo Volcano from the Lava Cafe Restaurant 

After lunch we boarded the Land Cruisers for our ride back to the bus, to the Zodiacs, and finally back to the ship.

IMG 2266

IMG 8879


It was a wonderful day!

An interesting tidbit:  We ask if there were cattle in this area and were told that a family might own one to three cows. If they do, the cows live INSIDE the house so no-one steals them!