Today we docked near the island of Cirik, a tiny little island in Indonesia. Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world to form a single country, consisting of five main islands and some 30 smaller archipelagoes, totaling about 18,110 islands of which about 6,000 are inhabited.  The island of Cirik is uninhabited.

Our ship anchored a nautical mile from the island and we rode zodiacs to land.

IMG 2094

The ship used three Zodiacs to shuttle us from the ship to the island.  There were ten of us in each Zodiac.

IMG 8597

Our friend Dave stepping from the ship onto the Zodiac.

IMG 8627

We arrived on the tiny island

IMG 2040

IMG 2053

IMG 2062

We spent about an hour walking in the sand around the island and then boarded the Zodiac to ride back to the ship.

IMG 8641

Here I am getting back on the ship.

IMG 1983

We enjoyed a delicious dinner on Deck 9 at the Hot Rock Grill where we cooked our own meat on a lava rock.

IMG 1985

The hot lava rock is 400 degrees and is placed in the center of the plate to cook the meat.