Today the Island Princess docked in St. Thomas at 8:00AM.  We walked off the ship and walked to the nearby stores to buy a Christmas tree ornament as a souvenir and took some pictures.IMG 0482

IMG 0483

Screen Shot 2022 12 25 at 9 47 21 PM

We were greeted at the shopping area by these talented dancers !

St. Johns Catamaran Adventure

We boarded the Dancing Dolphin Katamaran for a 45 minute ride to St. Johns Island and Virgin Islands National Park. This is our 56th National Park (out of 63). Once we were near the beach we rode an inflatable all the way onto the beach.  We came ashore at Honeymoon Beach and spent an hour snorkeling in the beautiful water.

IMG 7568

IMG 0594

Beautiful view of St Johns

IMG 0561

Honeymoon Beach, St Johns

IMG 0811

We snorkeled in the beautiful clear water

IMG 0555

Image 12 26 22 at 9 40 PM

When we returned to the ship, there were some guest McCall and cockatoo birds onboard to greet us.  What beautiful birds!

IMG 0583

IMG 0579

These two were hilarious!  The owner would turn them towards us, but then a glass elevator would come down to that floor and the birds were turn around to see the elevator .

IMG 0728

IMG 0596

The cruise ship put on a fabulous Christmas variety show in the evening.

IMG 0598

I finished the evening by watching It’s a Wonderful Life on the ship’s big screen tv on the top deck.