This morning we left the hotel at 8:00 for a drive down to Hout Bay on the Chapman Highway.  We stopped for a photo opportunity with Tom pointing at the Sentniel.  We continued along the coast until we reached the Cape of Good Hope where we rode a funicular to the lighthouse at the top and then walked the steps back down.  Our next stop was Cape Point and then we stopped for lunch at Simon’s Town.

IMG 9057

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IMG 9075

Hout Bay

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Riding up to the top of the point.

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IMG 8958

Eland Antelope

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We ate lunch at Bertha’s in Simon’s Town before visiting the Boulders Visitor Center Penguin Colony.

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Fun penguin facts from today at Boulders Penguin colony brochure:

  • From just two breeding pairs in 1982, the penguin colony has grown to about 2,200!!
  • The penguins are African Penguins because they are the only penguin species that breeds in Africa.
  • Old feathers are replaced during the annual moult. In this period, the birds lose their waterproofing and are confined to land for about 21 days. African penguins fatten up before the molt, which is a period of starvation.
  • After a year or two baby blues molt and attain their distinctive black and white adult plumage. African penguins generally start breeding only at about four years of an age. The main breeding season starts in February. They are a monogamous species and the lifelong partners take turns to incubate their eggs and feed their young.