This morning we left the Iganaya Tented Camp around 9:00 and drove across Zimbabwe to get to our next destination in Kasane, Botswana where we are staying at the beautiful Cresta Mowana Safari Resort located along the Chobe River and near the entrance to Chobe National Park.  We stopped for lunch at Zulu’s and enjoyed an absolutely delicious fo

IMG 8512      IMG 8510 IMG 8533

I had grilled chicken and a salad.  Tom had a hamburger and French fries.  Our friends Joyce and Diana had the pizzas picture above.

IMG 8508

    The outside of Zulus

IMG 8516

Here we are eating our lunch together

We had to go through passport control to get out of Zimbabwe.  That entailed getting out of the bus and waiting in a building to get our passports stamped getting back into the bus.  Riding another 100 feet of so before we had to get out of the bus again.  This time we and all our luggage transferred to a Botswana Bus.  That bus had to drive through a disinfected to clean the tires.  We walked across the border and had to step into the disinfective solution and place our other pair of shoes in it as well.  It looked absolutely filthy, so I can’t imagine it was keeping our any germs.

IMG 8535

Here we are on the Botswana side holding our “theoretically: disinfected shoes.

We got back in the bus and rode for about twenty minutes before arriving at Cresta Mowana Safari Resort located along the Chobe River and near the entrance to Chobe National Park. 

IMG 8540

This hippo at the resort is the first one we’ve seen out of water, but that was about to change.

We checked into our rooms and relaxed for about an hour before taken a private river tour on the Chobe River.

IMG 8545

IMG 8376

This is our boat today for our private tour of the Chore River.  We saw our first hippos out of the water and also a huge number of water buffalos, a giraffe, kudu, crocodile, elephants, crocodile, and finally some hippos our of the water!


We started out seeing just parts of the heads of the hippos, but by time time we finished the trip, we had seen seven





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IMG 8331

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IMG 8546


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IMG 8582

Delicious dinner outside by the pool

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