We started the day with a bus ride to the Victoria Falls Hotel. The Victoria Falls Hotel is a historic luxury hotel at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, situated with a view of the Second Gorge of the Zambezi River and the Victoria Falls Bridge from its terrace. The hotel was opened in 1904 to accommodate passengers on the newly built National Railways of Zimbabwe railway, part of the planned Cape to Cairo Railway.IMG 8062

Victoria Falls Hotel

IMG 8093The Zambezi River flowing through Victoria Falls Gorge

IMG 8068

We enjoyed frozen lemonades with mint on the terrace.

IMG 8079

IMG 8083

We ate lunch at the Wild Horizans Cafe.  When we walked out of the restaurant, there were four warthogs grazing on the lawn but these two looked so cute!

IMG 8105


IMG 8114

This is a baobab tree.  It is estimated to be between 1,000 and 1,500 years old.

IMG 8118

IMG 8122

We took a two-hour boat ride on the Zambezi River  while special guest lecturer Chris Ward told  us about Dr. David Levingston’s life and journeys through Africa.

IMG 8126





The unexpected highlight of the boat ride was seeing the elephant herd cross the Zambezi River

IMG 7966

IMG 7992



IMG 7986

IMG 8132