We flew from our campsite near Lazyview, South Africa to the country of Zambia. There we went through customs, purchased our $50 visa, and then drove 20 minutes to the country of Zimbabwe. Our luggage and we were loaded on a bus in Zambia where we were driven to the border of Zimbabwe. There we got off that bus, walked through passport control, got back on the bus, stopped again to go through passport control to get into Zimbabwe. We transferred to another bus that brought us to the town of Victoria Falls where we are staying at the The Palm River Hotel.
We had a leisurely afternoon with appetizers on the hotel’s beautiful grounds along the Zambezi River with a delicious dinner on the porch of the resort.

We spotted baboons and mongoose running around on the grounds this afternoon and were warned to always keep our doors shut to keep the baboons and monkeys from entering.

IMG 7873

IMG 7875

When we walked out of the building for passport control, we saw this baboon sitting on the lawn.

IMG 7877

These baboons were walking down the sidewalk as we were driving toward the border.


IMG 7880

Only one truck at a time is allowed on this bridge and there can be hundreds of trucks lined up to cross.  Sometimes the truck is five miles long.


IMG 7932

Screen Shot 2022 10 06 at 9 12 34 AM

An aerial view of our lodging at Palm River Resort

IMG 7883

Our room on the third floor (no elevators)

IMG 7892

We had appetizers of chicken on a stick, mozzarella stuffed meatballs, regular meatballs, homemade potato chips and popcorn.  After we served our plates and were seated at the table, a baboon jumped up and stole a chicken on a stick (and broke a plate while making his getaway)

IMG 7903

!IMG 7895

Fact for the day:  a group of mongoose are called a “business of mongoose.”  We saw thirty or so.

Screen Shot 2022 10 07 at 6 38 10 AM

Not that clear, but I screenshot it from a video.

IMG 7907

A boat cruising by as we sat and ate our appetizers.

IMG 7929

Filet, green beans and potatoes for dinner

IMG 7930

Our mealtime entertainment