We flew to Anchorage from Lake Charles and arrived late on Wednesday night.  Thursday morning we rode an Uber downtown to the Avis Rental Car agency to get our rental car. 

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Our first trip to Anchorage was in 2001 when we cruised here with Princess.  The second trip here was our amazing trip when we drove our motorhome  2018.  I thought I’d include a throwback picture comparison.

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Diving to Glennallen

In the afternoon we drove from Anchorage to Glennallen, with a stop in Palmer at the Visitor’s Center .  From there we stopped at the Musk Ox Farm to take a tour. These animals are native to the Arctic and is known for it’s thick coat.  Their quiviut is combed in the spring each year and spun into a very soft (and expensive) yarn.

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After touring the Musk Ox farm we drove an hour or so before stopping for dinner at the Long Rifle Lodge.  Talk about dinner with a view!  We were able to see the Mananuska Glacier from our table!

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The glacier is located on private property.  When we were here in in 2018 we paid to walk on it, but nowN         

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We stayed at the Angler’s Inn in Glennallen.  The B&B had six rooms with a common kitchen and living area.  

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