We didn’t leave our B&B this morning until 11:30 as we’ve been pushing ourselves pretty hard and just decided to have an easier day.  We drove 63 miles to the Rock of Cashel, but it was raining when we got there so we decided to just take pictures and drive on to Kilkenny.  This is the first rain that we’ve had and it rained pretty hard most of the day.  

Rock of Cashel

As we drove into the town of Cashel, the castle loomed high above the city.

IMG 5315

IMG 5305

Since it was such a dreary day, we checked into our B&B at 3:00 in the afternoon.  The owner convinced us to drive into Kilkenny and enjoy the town since it would be our only day here.  With rain pants and jackets we walked the streets of Kilkenny .

The Grange Manor, Kilkenny

The bedroom we stayed in was in the back of the house and that part of the house was built in 1595!!!!!  The front part of the house was added in the 1700s.  

IMG 5316

IMG 5321

IMG 5317

Can you imagine sleeping in a home that old??  


Kilkenny is a medieval town in southeast Ireland.. The town has deep religious roots and many well-preserved churches and monasteries.. It's also a crafts hub, with shops along its winding lanes selling pottery, paintings and jewellery. 

IMG 5331

IMG 5342

Kilkenny Castle was built in 1195 by Norman occupiers

IMG 4672

This cat sculpture at the castle was part of Kilkenny Cat Walk

IMG 5347

St. Mary’s Cathedral -Work began in April 1843 and finished in 1857

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IMG 4704

IMG 5354

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