Mullagmore Head

This morning we left Carrick and drove to Mullagmore Head.  The wind was very strong as we stood on the edge of the sea and watch the waves crash on the rocks.

IMG 4701

IMG 4706

IMG 4692

IMG 4711

This was the beach we saw while driving through the village.  Look at all that beautiful white sand!  I can’t imagine going into that 57 degree Atlantic Ocean water tough. 

IMG 4719

The name of the roadway we’ve been traveling for the past two days


Our stop for the night was the town of Westport.  We walked from our B&B into town for dinner which was 2.6 miles round trip.  

IMG 4720

IMG 4723

We stayed at the Five Ferns House in Westport.  It was a delightful place to stay and had four guest rooms.  A family of five lived in the house also, but we never saw the children.  The husband and wife were probably in their mid 30’s.  The breakfast was made to order.  I had a delicious ham and cheese omelet with homemade bread which Tom had two eggs, bacon and bread.

IMG 4722

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