We drove from Lee’s Summit to Branson and arrived around 2:30 in the afternoon on Monday.  It was 97 degrees when we got here which felt like 106.   We had a beautiful campsite facing the White River near Branson Landing.  It stayed miserably hot the whole time we were here.

IMG 1774

Screen Shot 2021 08 25 at 11 49 43 AM

IMG 1797

The dog part in our campground

IMG 1814

Ice cream truck

IMG 1812

The new aquarium

The first show we attended was Magnificent 7 which covered all types of music from 7 different decades as well as TV commercials from each of those decades.  Joe and Tamra Tinoco proceed and performed in the show along with their extremely talentedr16 year old daughter Tayla and a cast of four others.  A wonderfully entertaining evening.

IMG 1796

On Tuesday afternoon we went to hear the acapella group SIX, a group of six brothers who perform.

IMG 1778

After the show we ate dinner at Mel’s Hard Luck Diner. It’s a 1950s themed diner that has talented, professional singers, as the waiters.   We had a good dinner and enjoyed the music provided by the waiters. 

IMG 1850

We saw two people order this huge ice cream desser to sharet, but we did not stick around to if they were able to finish it.


The next show we attended was The Haygooods on Tuesday night. This was our third time to see them perform and as usual, they put on a fantastic show!  The group is comprised of 5 brothers and one sister who are all so incredibly talented and able to play many different instruments.  Michael started the show by riding a zip line from the back of the auditorium above the audience  to the stage hanging upside down while playing his guitar .  Catherine play the song “Let It Go” from Frozen on a harp which sounded beautiful.  This is a show everyone needs to see in Branson.

IMG 1852

On Wednesday we saw Hot Rods & High Heels and Clay Cooper’s Country Express.  On Thursday we enjoyed the #1 Hits of the 60’s and finished off the evening with entertainment by The Duttons.

IMG 1846

IMG 1845

One big disappointment was that the show “Jesus!” At the Sight and Sound Theatre was not open  the week we were there.  We have seen the productions of “Sampson” and “Moses” in the past and those were absolutely amazing. The shows we selected were all very good, but we need to return another season sometime because Branson is miserable in the summer


Trip Statistics

  • We driven the motorhome 7,583 miles and the car 3,431 for a total  trip distance of 11,110 miles.
  • Branson’s Lakeside RV Park is $45.76 per night making the campground total $ 3,691.46 an average per night of $38.45
  • We paid  $2.49 per gallon for gas.  Total gas is $4,405.38
  • We’ve spent $2,721.84 on groceries and eating out or an average of $29.59 per day.