Tuesday morning when we were packing up to leave Steamboat, we started the engine on the motorhome, put in the slides, and unleveled  and then turned the engine off while we got everything else ready to go.  When we tried to start the engine to leave, it would not start! We tried to jump the battery with the car and with our battery charger. Tom got out the Manuel, called Tiffin who connected us with Ford Motor Co, etc to no avail.  Finally, after trying everything and waiting about an hour, it started and ran perfectly. We drove 102 miles to White River National Forest Peak One Campground  where we parked in space 50.

Smoke from the wildfires in California are  still causing the beautiful mountains to barely be visible.

IMG 1490

IMG 1493

The water in Green River Reservoir looked very low when we drove past on our way to Frisco.

We arrived at Peak One Campground on the Dillion Reservoir.and are dry camping..We camped here three years ago when we first got this motorhome and were never able to get the generator to work.  The generator started at first, but when we turned it on later in the evening, it wouldn’t run and hasn’t run since).

IMG 1505

Our campsite is quite spacious and in a very pretty location

IMG 1511

IMG 1529

Today we rode our bicycles 16 miles on the Blue River Trail.  

IMG 1542

This is the satellite picture from our ride as recorded on the Activity app on my watch.  We actually rode 16 miles, but I forgot to turn it on at the very beginning.

IMG 1548


IMG 2920

IMG 1525