We drove into Grand Lake this morning and played a round of Putt Putt and then ate lunch at Grand Pizza.

IMG 1347

IMG 1349

After lunch we came back to the campground where I had a reservation for a trail ride.  My horse’s name was Socks and he was very obedient—just what I needed.

IMG 2796

IMG 2808

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Trip Statistics:

  • We did not drive the motorhome today, but drove the car 24 miles. The total miles driven on the trip is 9,363.
  • Winding River RV Resort is $63.00 per night. Total campground is $2,718.25 or an average of $36.73 per night.
  • We have spent $2,182.07 Groceries and Eating out  or an average of $29.48 a day
  • We didn’t buy any gas today so our total stays at $3,597.76