This morning we left Hart Ranch in Rapid City, SD and drove south 206 miles to Glendo State Park in Glendo, WY.  The views were hazy the whole way because of the fires in the west and the scenery was mostly flat. We are headed towards Colorado where we will be spending the  two weeks moving around the state and hopefully, enjoying some cooler weather.  These 65 days have been very dry.  We  have only had two days of rain the whole time we’ve been gone and the rain only lasted about an hour or two each day.

IMG 0976

For at least the first half of our drive the scenery was flat and unremarkable.

IMG 0960

Driving in southwest South Dakota

When we crossed into Wyoming, the road was payed in some red material instead of being gray or black.  We saw a few small mounds  and a big rocks or two along the way.

IMG 2481

IMG 2487

IMG 2488

This is the Glendo Reservoir near our campsite

IMG 0968

IMG 0967

Trip Statistics

  • We drove 206 miles in the motorhome today and none in the car.  Total trip mileage is 8,847.
  • Bennett Hill Campground at Glendo State Park was $48.00.  Campground Total is $2,422.21 or an average of $37.85 per night.