This morning we drove into Theodore Roosevelt National Park, our 48th National Park!  Until we arrived in Medora, I did not realize there were Badlands anywhere other than South Dakota, but there are definitely Badlands here — in addition to Badlands in several other states such as Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, and Montana.   

IMG 0525

When we stopped at the Visitor’s Center for information, we saw this cute wildlife petting chart.

IMG 0632

IMG 0531

IMG 0633

We saw hundreds of prairie dogs

IMG 0556

IMG 0634

Wild horses were in two different spots within the park today

IMG 0621

It was another HOT day!

IMG 0637

This was the original entrance to the east side of the park which is now deserted.

IMG 0620

We only saw one lonely bison

Trip Statistics: 

  • We did not drive the motorhome today.  Trip total in motorhome is still 5,577 miles
  • Miles driven in CRV 50; Touring total is 2,168 miles.  Total driven in both vehicles is 7,967 miles
  • We stayed at the Red Trail RV Park  for $36.00 per night.  Total campground cost is $2,258,21  or an average of 41.82 per night
  • Groceries and eating out total $1,588.87 or an average of $29.42 per day.
  • Tourist Admissions:  $808.73