Today it was a hot day in Spokane!! In the morning Tom, Ben and I road bicycles on the Centennial Trail  which was near our campground and runs for thirty-seven miles.  Tom’s knee started hurting, so he had to stop, but Ben and I road 5.66 miles.

We drove from the campground to the Riverfront and took a picture on the blocks, ate lunch and then took a float trip down the Spokane River.

Spokane Blocks

IMG 9879

Raft trip

IMG 1636

IMG 1626

IMG 9884

IMG 9885

In the evening we played a game of 99 and one game of Navy Bridge.

IMG 1628

Trip Statistics

  • We didn’t drive any in the motorhome or our car today.  
  • We stayed at the Spokane KOA  for $70.68 per night.  Total campground cost is $1,726.83 or an average of $40.15 per night
  • We’ve spent $2,294.15 on gasoline.  The last fillup was $3.799 per gallon