Chihuly Gardens was our first stop in Seattle.  We saw room size glass sculptures that were absolutely breathtaking!!  We watched a series of films where Chihuly talked about how different types of his sculptures were created.  In Italy where several of his large creations are displayed, he would have his glass blowers create the pieces.  To transport the pieces to the place of assembly, he would toss each piece in the river so it could float downstream where it would be retrieved.  

IMG 9354

This glass creation takes up an entire room.

IMG 9390

IMG 9462

Each of these displays were at least 10’ long!

IMG 9463

Each of these Macchias were at least two feet across at the top.  I saw one for sale on the internet for $18,900!

IMG 9383


IMG 1823

IMG 9389

The Space Needle was right beside the gardens, and no visit to Seattle would be complete without taking Ben up in the Space Needle.

IMG 94601IMG 9411

IMG 9402IMG 9459

Our last stop for the day was the Lake Washington Fish ladder and The Hiram M. Chittenden Locks.  We watched the salmon swimming up the fish ladder and also saw a very smart seal catch one and eat it.  Several boats went through the locks while we were there also.

IMG 1838

We stayed at the Lake Pleasant Campground and our space was right on a lake.

IMG 9332

Trip Statistics

  • We drove 48 miles from Kelso to our campground in Bothell (outside of Seattle).  Trip total in motorhome is 4,007 miles
  • Miles driven in CRV 68; Touring total is 1724 miles
  • We stayed at the Lake Pleasant RV Park  for $57.41 per night.  Total campground cost is $1403.97  or an average of $37.95 per night
  • Groceries and eating out total $943.13 or an average of $26.30 per day $25.49 per day
  • Tourist Admissions:  363.59