This is our second day at the Washington State Fairgrounds.  We drove to the Paradise area of Mt. Rainier National Park and stopped at every viewpoint and overlook along the way.  Because the extreme heat wave in the NW the snow was melting quickly and the waterfalls along the way were beautiful and flowing very forcefully.

IMG 9206

IMG 9192

IMG 9198


IMG 9223

IMG 9246

The starting point of The Golden Gate Trail

IMG 9248

It was 84 degrees and we hiked 1 mile in the snow, clearly with the wrong type of shoes.  I fell three times trying to keep my balance as I walked.

IMG 9256

IMG 1739

It was 106 when we got back to the campground!  By the time we arrived at the campground, we had driven 140 miles .

IMG 9311

Linda cooked dinner for all of us and made a buttermilk pie for dessert especially for Drew since he was flying home tomorrow.

IMG 9316