Today we drove to Simi Valley to tour the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

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Tom giving his Presidential acceptance speech.  In the background on the left are George H. W. And Barbara Bush and the Reagan’s son.  On the right side behind him are the Mondales, The Carters, two of the Bush brothers.

Air Force One 

Known as 27000, this Boeing 707 was accepted into the Air Force on August 4, 1972 after 200 hours of testing.  It was used by seven U.S. presidents - Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton, and W. Bush.  The Reagan Library received 27000 in a decommissioning ceremony on Sept 8, 2000 at the San Bernardino International Airport. It was disassembled over a nine-week period by a nine member Boeing crew.  It was transported to the Reagan Library on a specially designed truck crossing four freeways, traveling 194 miles.

The roof and 2 1/2 sides of the library walls were in place.  The remaining walls were added after pieces of the 27000  Air Force One was inside.  It took two weeks to reassemble it.  

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Holds 52 passengers, Cruising speed 540 nautical miles. Service ceiling - 42,000 feet

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An interesting tidbit.  Air Forces One carried 11 members of the press.  There was a lottery to see which members of the press were able to go.  Each press member had to pay the full cost of a first class ticket plus $1.  

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Marine One 

150611, a Sikosky VH-34, was delivered to the Army in 1962.  It wore Army markings early in its service since both the Army and Marine Corps flew executive transportation helicopters. It was assigned Presidential/executive duty from 1967-1968, and again from 1974 to 1976.  It also served in Naby helicopter support squadrons HC-6 and Hc-2 from 1975 to 2002.  Retired from the Navy, it arrived at the Reagan Library in March 04 2004.

Fuel capacity - 5,000 lb; Range 625 miles; 2 pilots; 15 passengers

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Ronald Reagan artwork

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Painted in Oil then covered in a mosaic of approximately 10,000 Jelly Belly beans to create depth and dimension.  The beans are permanently protected with polyurethane.


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This presidential seal is made from 6,500 finishing nails on redwood

After driving back to Ventura Tom offered to do the laundry while Ben and I washed the car at a car wash.  ‘after dinner we payed a game of canasta.

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The view from our campground this morning as we left.

Trip Statistics:

  • Miles driven to get to Ventura:  212;  Total on trip: 1795
  • Emma Woods Beach Campground $43.33