Today was the most incredible day!  We boarded an Island Packers boat in Ventura Harbor to cruise the 21 miles to the Santa Cruz Island, the largest of the Channel Islands. Channel Island National Park is comprised of six different islands that are each unique for the animal life, vegetation, scenery, etc.

Right after leaving the harbor we saw all these California sea lions vying for a place on this buoy. About 30 minutes later we started seeing hundreds of dolphins.  We were told that for each one we see, there are seven others in the water.  What a magnificent gift it was to be able to watch them while we sailed.  On the way back we not only saw hundreds more dolphins, but also hundreds of California pelicans and two hump back whales.

IMG 7012

California Sea Lions

IMG 7129

Ordinary Dolphins

We arrived on the island around 11:30 and had five hours to explore the island before catching our 4:30 boat back to Ventura Harbor.  We first ate the sandwiches we brought and then spent several hours hiking around the island. Here there are rugged mountains, grass-covered hills, and some animals and plants that you have never seen before. Island features historic ranches (where sheep were once raised); island fox; island scrub jay; and Painted Cave, on of the world’s largest sea caves.

Island Packer Boat


IMG 7059

IMG 7069

We first hiked the Cavern Point Loop Trail with it’s magnificent coastal vistas.  It was only a two mile hike, but it was steep going up and coming back down. 

IMG 7044

IMG 7071

IMG 7039

IMG 7102

After the hike we walked in the campground where we were told hundreds of foxes live.  It didn’t take long for us to several.

IMG 7085

We are staying at the Emma Wood Beach Campground.  Our camper is directly facing the Pacific Ocean and parked right above the beach.

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IMG 6996


Trip Statistics 

Miles driven in motorhome 212; Total on trip: 1,795
Gasoline Cost: $3.689 per gallon or $130.90 ; Total on trip:  $660.90
Emma Wood Beach Campground, Ventura $43.33