We drove back into the park today from the Big Bend Resort & Adventures campground in Terlingua, but this time our destination was the total opposite end of the park near the Rio Grande Village Visitor Center (50 miles one way).  We stopped at the Rio Grande Overlook and then stopped in Boquillas Canyon to hike the Boquillas Canyon Trail.  We wore our swimsuits today because we were hoping to enjoy the Hot Springs, but we found out the springs were closed because of COVID.  The other excursion we had hoped to do was a row boat ride across the Rio Grande to a Mexican village and had our passports on hand,  but once again we were not allowed because of Covid. It was another good day though and by the time we arrived back at the campground, we’d driven 110 miles.

IMG 4452

IMG 4453

IMG 4471

Rio Grande Overlook

IMG 4467

Boquillas Canyon Trail

IMG 4483

Mexicans row across the river and place handmade items on rocks along the trail with a money jar.  We passed at least five of these spots. Apparently, they watch their items from the other side of the river and come back across to collect their money.

IMG 4480


IMG 7759

IMG 4484

We hiked as far as we could go up the canyon before turning around to return to the car.

IMG 4496

Tom waded out to the middle of the Rio Grande.

IMG 4503

Check out these holes!  These were used to ground corn into cornmeal.