After leaving El Paso, we drove to Van Horn, TX, a sleepy little town in the middle of nowhere with a population of 2,000, where we stopped for the night at the Van Horn RV Park.   Once we arrived, we discovered our coach battery was dead.  Luckily, there was an Auto Zone store in town and we were able to buy a new one.  After installing the battery, we discovered the positive connector cable was corroded, so  we replaced that also.  This was the last semblance of civilization for 100 miles on our drive toward Bib Bend National Park.

El paso to big bend

Van Horm TM

IMG 4261

View from our campground at sunset

From Van Horn we drove to Terlingua, outside the entrance to Big Bend National Park.  The drive today was once again very rural and boring, but to our surprise there is a art display 26 miles north of Marfa called Prada Marfa.  This display is in the form of a building, specifically a Prada storefront, and was constructed in 2005. On the front of the structure there are two large windows displaying actual Prada shoes and handbags from 2005.

IMG 4314

As we were driving further down the road we saw the road art below.  There was no sign or explanation beside it, so I have no idea of it’s significance besides a fun way to interrupt the boredom of the drive.

IMG 4289IMG 4287

IMG 4307

We arrived at the town of Terlingua around 5:00PM and are staying at the Big Bend RV Resort & Adventure Campground.