We drove from Ashland, Wisconsin to the Red Pines Campground in Saginaw, MN, near Duluth.ASHLAND TO SAGINAW

We drove to downtown Duluth to walk around and to see the Aerial Lift Bridge, a Duluth landmark.  The bridge is lifted on the hour and the half hour if there is boat traffic waiting. For the huge vessels that pass under the bridge, the bridge is lifted when the vessel is still 1.5 miles out because those large ships can’t stop quickly.  The bridge operator must give the vessels time enough to manuver if something happens.  Boat traffic always has priority over vehicle traffic. The ship right-of-way into the harbor was the deal the city made with the United States Coast Guard when the bridge was built.

IMG 2715

In this picture the bridge is down to allow pedestrians, cars, and trucks to cross

IMG 6516

The bridge is lifted to it’s highest position to allow this ship to pass underneath.

IMG 2710

Since this boat is not as tall as the ship, the bridge is not lifted as high.

IMG 2686

A view of the bridge as cars approach to cross

IMG 2712

A tug boat is on displayed at the museum near the bridge.

IMG 2704


Saloon 980x654

We ate lunch at Grandma’s Saloon and Bar by the bridge

IMG 2713

The unique building is part of the College of St. Scholastica  campus

IMG 2685

Our view from the campground

Trip Statistics:

  • We have driven at Toal of 4,419 miles - 3,231 in Big Hat and 1,347 in the car
  • We have spent 995.56 on gas or an average of $24.89 per day (today we paid 1.99 per gallon)
  • The Red Pines Campground was $42 per night.  Total campground costs is $1,534.36 or 38.36 per night
  • Groceries and eating total 974.09 or $24.35 per day