We left Van Riper State Park around 1:00 and drove to Ashland, WI, our stopping point on the way to Saginaw, MN (near Duluth). We stayed at the Kreher RV Park right beside Lake Superior.  The city has a population of 8,200 and  maintains two beautiful campgrounds right along the lake.  In addition, they have several beautiful playgrounds and beach areas for families to enjoy.  We walked downtown and enjoyed seeing the well-maintained landscaped lawns, wide streets and nice sidewalks.

We stopped at Dairy Queen after dinner and then went to Walmart for a groceries.  


IMG 2649

The building design is painted on the corner and side of this building.

IMG 2676

Best Western - The Hotel Chequamegon

IMG 2671

Our campground right on Lake Superior

IMG 2670

IMG 2678

IMG 2657

Sunset from our campsite

IMG 2665

Played two games of Navy Bridge before bedtime.  First night back in Central Daylight Savings Time.

Drive from Van Riper to Ashland

Trip Statistics

Trip Statistics

  •  Gas total 877.99 or an average of $23.73  per day.
  • Kreher RV Park (City of Ashland) was $35.00. Total campground cost of $1,450.36 or an average of $39.20 per night.
  • We’ve spent $191.20 on eating out and $700.89 on groceries or 23.47 on food.