We spent two days relaxing at the Gaylord KOA in Gaylord, Michigan.  It was the first place in Michigan where the pool water was actually warm enough for me to go in the water.  I spent almost two hours in the pool which is the first swim since leaving Louisiana at the end of May.  Tom and I walked around the park several times and just spent the rest of the time relaxing (and, of course, playing canasta and phase 10 in the evening)

IMG 7178

This park was a very nice park for families because there was so much for kids to do!  This device is built on a rectangular trampoline and has two basketball goals inside.  So, on this device a person can jump AND practice basketball skills—plus, they can dunk the ball where they usually aren’t able to do that on a solid surface.

IMG 2204

IMG 2201

Ben reported only “little kids” would get much bounce on this device.

IMG 2190

Ben really enjoyed riding on this crazy bicycle!

There was also a Putt Putt course, basketball court, swing set, spider web to climb and two hiking paths and some nice cabins to rent.  Great place!

Trip Statistics

  • We’ve driven 3,604 miles since leaving home - 2,544d in Big Hat and 1,108 in the car.
  • Last gas fill up was $1.95 a gallon totaling $111.89 in Big Hat.  This time we got a whooping 7.0mpg!  Gas total is $758.37 or an average of $26.15 per day.
  • Gaylord Campground was $50 per night.  Our campground total is $1,152.36 or an average of $39.74.