Empire Bluff Trail

This morning we drove to the Empire Bluffs trailhead and hiked 1.5 miles roundtrip to see another beautiful view of Lake Michigan from a high bluff.

Most of the trail was a wide path through a poplar forest, but towards the bluff a boardwalk was added to the trail.

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IMG 2173

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IMG 2175

A beautiful view of Lake Michigan from the top

Indigo Bluffs RV Park

When we got back from our first hike of the day and ate lunch, I did the laundry while Ben and Tom went to the pool.  The water was much too cold for Tom and me, but Ben swam a little.  We walked through the resort several different times in the afternoon and evening because the resort was nicely shaded and the weather was a perfect 70 degrees with blue skies.  This park is very unique in that it is divided into two sides:  Our side of the park was very shaded and had concrete patios. The other side has stamped concrete spots with beautiful landscaping and a pond with slight waterfall. We talked to a person who rents one of the resort sites for 6 months a year and then stays in St. Augustine for the other 6 months.  He pays $6100 (or only $35 a night) to spend 6 months here.  If we ever decide to stay in one place for very long, this would be the place!

IMG 2185

Trip Statistics

  • We have driven a total of 3,486 miles: 2391 in Big Hat and 1,095 in the car.
  • We hiked 5.03 miles today for a total of 128.28 miles
  • Our campsite was $70.50 per night at Indigo Bluffs.  Total is 1,049 or an average of $37.46 per night
  • We did not buy any gas today, but have spent a total of $647 on gas so far.