We spent last night in the Cracker Barrel parking lot in Twinsburg, OH.   At 9:00  we left the parking lot and drove about eleven miles to our 32nd National Park – Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  

IMG 1845

The Ohio and Erie Canal starts at Lake Erie and runs south into Ohio for 84 miles.  From 1827 to 1913 mules pulled boats loaded with goods and passengers along the towpath.The boats could not be longer or wider than the smallest lock, so the boats were no longer than 75’ and no wider than 14’.

IMG 1948

A postcard of the canal that I saw in the Great Lakes Museum

IMG 1848

IMG 1877

This marker is showing a boat in one of the locks.

IMG 1873

Tom and Ben in the deepest lock

IMG 1875

After riding the towpath we drove to the  Brandywine Falls path.

IMG 1846

IMG 1893

IMG 1892

A nice little walk in the park to Brandywine Falls, down 60 steps and back up to see the view from the top.

IMG 1900

After bicycle riding and hiking in the park, we drove to Sandusky, OH and spent the night at Camp Sandusky.

Trip Statistics

  • We’ve spent $489 in gas between the car and motorhome
  • We’ve driven 1905 miles in Big Hat and 689 miles in the CRV for a total of  2,594 miles.
  • Camp Sandusky cost $34 a night and our total campground cost is $657