Today we drove from Frankfort to Slade, KY.  After parking Big Hat in the 4 Guys Campground in Slade, KY, we drove to Natural Bridge State Park. We hiked up to the top of the mountain to the natural bridge and then a little higher so we could walk on top of the bridge. The top elevation was only 1,290’, much lower than what we are used to in the western part of the US, but a magnificent view just the same.

IMG 1590

IMG 1596

IMG 1606

IMG 7082

Trip Statistics

  • We drove 80 miles in Big Hat  today for a trip total of 1200 miles.
  • We drove 10 miles in the CRV for a trip  total of 249 miles.
  • We are staying at the 4 Guys Campground for $39.