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Our campsite at the US Space and Rocket RV Park

U.S. Space & Rocket Center

This morning we had a 10:00 admission time (because of COVID-19)  into the Space Center.  There were very few people there so we had no trouble social distancing, but not everything was open. IMG 1395

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Lunar Rover Vehicle  unfolds once it exits its storage compartment.  Apollo Missions 15, 16, and 17 used this vehicle to extend the range of surface explorations.

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This tiny two person submarine was the Army’s first submarine.  It was used to locate and retrieve debris from the Atlas, Titan and Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missiles that were flight tested and targeted into and near the Kwajalein Atoll in the central Pacific Ocean.  By using the submarine, the Army was able to recover much more rocket debris from testing that individual SCUBA divers could recover. This made more than 470 operational dives.

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Color prism

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Ben painting with light.

After dinner Tom and I went for a walk while Ben bicycled with two boys in the campsite across from us.

We ended the evening with a game of Phase 10. Ben was exceedingly lucky and beat us.


Trip Statistics

  • Miles driven today:  0 miles in Big Hat; 2 miles in the CRV
  • Miles walked today: 4.3  for me;   7.4 for Ben (whose goal is to beat me everyday!)
  • We are staying at the Space and Rocket RV Campground which is right beside the Space Center. - $25 per night