We had to ride a tender from our ship to to the volcanic island of Milos located in the beautiful Aegean Sea.  This is the island where the Venus de Milo was found and is now located in the Louvre.  Mining, rather than tourism,  is the chief industry on the island. Bentonite, perlite, pozzolana and small quantities of kaolin are actively collected via strip mine or open-pit mine techniques in Milos and sold all over the world. In the past, baryte, sulfur, millstones and gypsum were also mined; in fact, Milos was the most abundant source of sulfur in the ancient world.

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Our first stop was at the mining museum which was somewhat interesting before continue our tour to our second stop at Papafragas to see the rock formations along the beautiful Aegean Sea.

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From there we went to Sarakiniko Beach which was spectacularly beautiful.

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And our last stop was the island of Apeth.

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A mosaic made from rocks to look like rug.IMG 3591Tom and I walking down the steps to get back to the bus.