This morning we got up at 5:45 so we could get on the Zion National Park Shuttle and ride to the drop-off  point for the Angel’s Landing Trail.  This trail starts at the Grotto Trailhead, stop # 6 on the park shuttle.  It’s 5 miles roundtrip with an elevation change of 1,488 feet. Switchbacks allow the trail to climb the canyon wall up to Refrigerator Canyon.  The trail then climbs a series of switchbacks called Walter’s Wiggles—21 of these in total.  The Wiggles get you to the top of the ridge at Scout Lookout where the views are amazing.  For the final 1/2 mile the trail is very steep with chains bolted into the rock to hold onto.

IMG 0458

IMG 0497

Switchbacks climbing up to Refrigerator Canyon

IMG 0501

Look carefully to see the people hiking up.

IMG 7253


IMG 7265

These 21 switchbacks are called Walter’s Wiggles.  Look how many are above me!

IMG 0468 2

IMG 7272

This is the first “mountain" past Scout’s Landing.  My journey ended about halfway up this.

IMG 0469 2

IMG 7277

IMG 7274

Almost to my final resting spot.

IMG 0484

I made it this far.

IMG 7279

…and here is where my nerves had me stop.  Too scared of heights to go any further!

IMG 7281

Tom kept going!

IMG 4804

Tom’s final stopping point before that last scary—drop-offs on both sides—ascent.

IMG 0479

Here he is  in the green shirt coming back down.

IMG 7282and here I am going back down!


It was an amazing hike and I am so glad we at least attempted it.  The views were magnificent and it feels great to have hiked 4.4 miles (and Tom’s 4.86)!